Just when we thought that the infamous Footloose Challenge has finally dissipated into thin air, Kevin Bacon decided to resuscitate it. But what all do you need to know about the Footloose Challenge?

Kevin’s video recently went viral on TikTok in which he performed on the title track of his own movie ‘Footloose’. The 1984 movie was a musical drama that amassed $80 million, thus making it a blockbuster hit.


The movie was undoubtedly a major success. So was the movie’s song “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. The song was perhaps the protagonist’s way of encouraging people to stay free from responsibilities.

The key phrase of the song says “Tonight I gottta cut loose, footloose”, which could also be a pun. As the story revolves around a town where people are forbidden from dancing due to their religious backings.

This is where the protagonist emerges with his rebellious demeanor asking people to dance.

How did the Footloose Challenge start

Since a number of random videos go viral on TikTok, Footloose dance challenge got viral in the same way. It is TikTok’s dance themed trend.

So, it was primarily the groovy and peppy dance moves that captured people’s attention.

To give you a short tutorial, in the challenge, a partner locks one arm between the other partner’s leg and holds wrist with the another. Then lifting the partner mid air in the same position, a drop-style dance move is performed.

This ‘not-so-simple’ dance trend got people picking up their partners and perform the footloose challenge. Previously, the videos of the trend started surging during the last week of May.

However, it’s still unclear who started the trend first. Ever since, a lot of TikTok influencers and other popular personalities took to the challenge until it took a dip again.

Footloose Challenge

Who all performed this Challenge

The first in list is of course Kevin Bacon who recently took part in the Footloose Challenge which had otherwise gone almost stale. He could be seen letting loose to the ‘Footloose’ with his wife, Kyra Sedgwick.


In the video captioned, “I don’t remember this being part of the original #Footloose #dance choreography but figured we’d give it a spin“, the celebrity duo participated in the trend on TikTok.

Next in line are the famous TikTok and Instagram content creators @the.mcfarlands, who gave a hilarious spin to the Challenge. Rather than actually dancing, they are just making a mockery of their dad.

Yet another famous American Tiktoker, fashion model and a YouTuber, Abbie Herbert also aced the challenge along with her short-heighted husband and captioned the video “I CANT BELIEVE IT. LIKE FOR THE BTS”.

In the video, they both appear cheerful and heartening upon the successful completion of the challenge.

Other TikTok personalities who managed to garner millions of views are the likes of @lizzy.250, @_flo_ren_cia_, and so on.

@justinmcornwell did something really very different to the Footloose dance trend and still managed to grab attention of many. It’s pretty safe to say that he helped us learn all the footsteps by heart as his caption suggests-“I think this should help you guys learn all the steps for the #footloosechallenge“.

Is Footloose challenge dangerous?

The Footloose Challenge looks remarkably smooth. But that’s not the case when you actually perform it.

Kevin Bacon himself borne testimony to the fact that his wife got injured while performing the Footloose Challenge by sharing a picture online.


“The aftermath of nailing a TikTok dance #Footloose.” Read the caption of the picture posted by actor himself.

Needless to say, TikTok is flooded with videos and trends that seem harmless but there is always a latent loophole sneaking up on us.

Majority of people mindlessly take up the viral challenges while knowing nothing about the technicalities of the trends. Blackout challenge is a terrible testimony to it.

While Footloose may look like a fun dance challenge too but even a little mishandling of a person can end up in an emergency ward. And that’s how delicate this dance move is.

For now, we’ll be keeping a closer tab on all the significant developments on the Footloose challenge and update the article accordingly.

If you also have any observation and tip to share with us, feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

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