Apex Legends 'Summer Sundown' event not tracking progress on most game modes, issue acknowledged

Apex Legends is a popular shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and originally released in 2019. Over the years, Apex Legends availability has spread to more platforms and consoles.

Apex Legends was born to compete in the hero-shooter arena genre against big names like Overwatch. The game then even received a battle-royale mode to take on alternatives like Fortnite.

Also, Apex Legends is free-to-play, so you can try it whenever you want without spending any money. It’s not a particularly hardware-intensive game, which helps ease its adoption.

To keep the community active, Apex Legends is constantly receiving new events and challenges. Currently, the game offers players the ‘Summer Sundown’ event.

But Apex Legends players are facing an issue where the ‘Summer Sundown’ event is not tracking progress on most game modes.

Apex Legends ‘Summer Sundown’ event progress bugged

According to multiple reports, the ‘Summer Sundown’ event progress tracking is not working properly. The issue is occurring in almost all game modes except battle-royale.

So, if you play in other game modes (such as Arena), you will not be able to complete the event goals.


Summer Sundown is broken for Arenas

Two of three trackers that are stated to apply to arenas do not incur points for the free event. Where points are received for opening supply bins there are not points for matches played and damage done. In the event there is a message saying “It doesn’t matter if it’s in Battle Royal or an Arena,” well it does matter because if you were just to play Arena all week you would not receive enough points for the Clutch holo spray.

Why won’t the event challenges update??

I did over 1500 damage in my last game, played two games, and opened a few supply bins. None of these are shown in the Summer Sundown Event tracker. I’m legit gonna lose my mind.

Summer Sundown event only tracking progress in battle-royale

The Respawn Entertainment team is already aware of the issue. However, the bugfix won’t come right away.

Heads up, legends: all of the challenges on the @PlayApex Summer Sundown reward tracker are currently only counting Battle Royale match progress. Unfortunately, this will not be fixed before its end on July 12, so we apologize for the inconvenience.

Apparently, the way Apex Legends live-events are implemented prevents hotfixes from being sent during the course of the event. Meanwhile, if you want to get the event rewards, the only way is to play the battle-royale mode.

We will update this story once new events on the matter emerge in the future.

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