Here's how to compress a video on Android

Sharing an hour-long video can be frustrating as it can take time, depending on the file size. It is time and data-consuming unless you decide to compress the video.

The right video compression software is necessary to ensure it properly analyzes the video pixels inside a video frame.

If you want to learn how to compress a video on Android, then we are here to help you. In the article, we will guide you through all the steps.

Why should I compress a video on Android?

The major reason behind compressing a video is to reduce its size for convenient sharing. Video compression means encoding a video file to consume lesser space than the original version.

The process is executed by eliminating the repetitive elements from the video. A video compressor will focus on different properties such as data rate, resolution, and aspect ratio.

It will reduce these three metrics of the video to create a new version of the file, which is easier to send. It also ensures that the overall video quality isn’t reduced drastically

How to compress a video on Android

The application we use for the purpose is ‘Video compressor – converter’, an exceptional tool for reducing the video size on your device. You can follow the steps below:

Disclaimer: The app showcased in this tutorial is not sponsored.

  • Install the ‘Video compressor – converter‘ app from the Google Play tore
  • Open the app and click on the ‘compress video’ option
  • Choose the video file you want to compress
  • On the next screen, it will display the various video settings that you can adjust
  • Adjust the file size and resolution as you want
  • Click on the ‘compress’ button from the bottom of the screen
  • Press ‘start’ and your video will be compressed

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It will take a few minutes to process, and once it’s successful, you can share it with anyone.

So, that’s how you can compress a video on Android. The process is simple and will save you plenty of time, particularly when you have a large video to share.

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