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COD: Warzone is the battle-royale version of the successful Call of Duty franchise. The game has been available since 2020 and has built a strong community of players around it.

Like with other similar games, good weapon balance is a key factor in fair matches. However, sometimes some weapons are much more effective than expected, breaking the game.

This is what is happening with the COD: Warzone NZ-41 assault rifle, whose non-existent or low recoil while shooting is making things too easy. However, a nerf could be coming soon.

COD: Warzone NZ-41 assault rifle low or non-existent recoil

The NZ-41 is one of the weapons shared by both COD: Warzone and COD: Vanguard.

Apparently, COD: Warzone NZ-41 recoil is too low, granting absolute artificial accuracy. That is, the player can fire many bursts of shots and the aim will always stay in the same place.


Please nerf nz41

Actually insane how this got past play testing. Nz-41 has absolutely zero recoil and does ridiculously high damage. Literally feels like I’m cheating when I beam someone across the map in like half a second. Might be the most broken long range ar in warzone history.

The sharing of weapons between Warzone and Vanguard is not liked by all players. After all, each game has its own style, and not all weapons can fit both.

Please nerf nz41

I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s so disappointing. I don’t even have fun using nz-41 in Warzone, it’s just effortless and has literally zero recoil. The vangarbage meta has plauged this game for too long.

In the following video you can see much more clearly how the NZ-41 recoil is practically non-existent:

Many players feel that the weapon is taking the fun out of the game. They expect to find challenges in every match, and making things so easy negatively impacts the experience.

Yeah getting kills is NOT FUN. I want to struggle for my kills. I want to break shields and but never finish them. I want them to be able to push through my shots and twerk on my ass with a Blixon. I would LOVE IT if the snipers could just eat my shots and take my head off. Winning with the boys has become TOO EASY and I HATE IT.

A NZ-41 nerf could come in a future update

Player complaints reached a member of the Warzone dev team. In response to the reports, the developer agrees that the NZ-41 shouldn’t be that ‘user-friendly’.

There are weapons that are designed to be very easy to use but the NZ shouldn’t be one of them I agree. We over indexed on the enhancements to make it viable.

So, it’s quite likely that a nerf to the COD: Warzone NZ-41 rifle is coming soon. But, there are no specific details about an ETA for it yet.

We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (July 01)

05:20 pm (IST): The most recent COD: Modern Warfare update has finally nerfed NZ-41 assault rifle. Moreover, some other weapons were also nerfed including UGM, H4 Blixen, and Marco.

Todays Warzone update made it possible to choose between 3 different maps to play on for the first time. It also nerfed the NZ, UGM, H4 Blixen and Marco as well as several other attachments like lengthened. Roze 3.0 has been added as well. (Source)

NOTE: You can also check the COD saga bugs/issues tracker.

Featured Image: Call of Duty

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