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In the last few years, people have loved Pixel Devices for their bloat-free stock Android experience and Google’s image processing algorithms.

Having said that, the Google’s flagship lineup historically had some screen tinting issues with Pixel 2 XL users affected by a blue tint and the Pixel 4 XL affected by a green tint on low brightness levels.

With the recently launched Google Pixel 5A, people were wondering if the new version of Google’s latest would be affected by similar tint issues as well.


As it turns out, some user reports do suggest that the Gooogle Pixel 5a suffered from a green tint issue while others said their phones look just fine even in dark conditions.

Some are saying that they are facing the green tint issue on multiple Pixel 5a devices. And it looks like the green tint can be easily replicated in a dark room.

In case you want to check if you are affected by the issue, all you need to do is go to a dark room and set the brightness to a very low level and open a grey screen. You can see for yourself how it looks in the image below:

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Received my 5a on the 26th, and the phone performs amazingly well (for me). Only thing is that I noticed a slight green tint on the left side of the screen, BUT ONLY when its displaying dark grey backgrounds/colors. Any other color is perfectly fine and I notice 0 green tint. It is annoying enough while scrolling through reddit (rif) or discord, as they are the right shade of grey to reveal the tint.

how common is 5a green tint issue?
I’ve seen other threads where a good number of people have it, but also threads where people say they definitely don’t. I’m wondering if the people who don’t have it really don’t or just don’t use their phones with dark mode on. I’m trying to decide whether to warranty it or just try to return it and give up on this whole phone.

Currently, the issue seems to be affecting only a handful of devices where the intensity of the green tint varies from device to device. Also, it is more noticeable if you have Night Light enabled.

If you remember, iPhone 12 owners were complaining about the same problem when it was launched last year. Turns out, the green tint issue is not only limited to the Google Pixel 5a but is a common issue that affects OLED panels.

Known as OLED banding, it is most visible in a dark room in low brightness or when using the phone in dark mode. However, the screen might look perfectly fine in a bright area or on when the brightness is high.

Below, you can see how black looks like for a normal device compared to a device affecting by green tint.

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Considering the number of users affected by the issue is only a handful, it looks like the Google Pixel 5a green tint is caused by OLED banding and there is nothing to worry about, at least for now.

We will keep a tab there is a surge in the number of Google Pixel 5a owners reporting about the issue and update you about the same, so make sure to keep an eye out on this space.

Update 1 (June 30)

12:41 pm (IST): Google has announced a 1-year extended display repair program for Pixel 5a users. It will cover certain display related issues such as black or blank screen.

So, those having green tint issue might not be able to get their display repaired through this program. More on that here.

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Featured image source: Google

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