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Since its release, COD: Warzone has become one of the most popular battle-royale games. It is the first battle-royale set in the successful Call of Duty saga.

Also, its free-to-play format allows millions of players to enjoy it without spending anything.

COD: Warzone uses a ‘season update’ system to receive large amounts of new content and changes. However, the tweaks are not always well received by the players.

For instance, recently COD: Warzone developers decided to replace the popular Rebirth Island map with a new one called Fortune’s Keep. But, the new map is not living up to expectations.

COD: Warzone Fortune’s Keep map disappointing many players

Many COD: Warzone players took to social platforms like Twitter and Reddit to express their disappointment with the new Fortune’s Keep map.

According to reports, the main complaint is the map design. Players find that there are too many buildings and hiding spots, which slows down the matches.


When’s Alcatraz coming back?

New Warzone Fortunes Keep map is quite the experience. It’s a cluster fck of camping spots, hard to see people, every building has 5 floors. Every enemy moves around like a jackrabbit too. They need to tone down movement speed.

Looks aesthetically nice I guess but that’s where the compliments end.My avg lobbies are 1.1-1.3 so games are extra sweaty as well.

When’s Rebirth Island back?

so about they new fortunes keep map….

It’s dog shit, the map is so flawed that i don’t understand how is it even possible that they thought it was a great idea to replace rebirth island. First the map feels like down town verdansk but with steroids as the parts of the map with buildings on it allow for so much camping and hiding it becomes the worlds largest hide and seek, second playing this mode with 4 players isn’t enjoyable as you could be gun down by 2 teams at the start of the match

A ‘campers paradise’ according to the players

COD: Warzone players consider Fortune’s Keep map to be a camper’s paradise under current conditions.


Fortune’s Keep

They should’ve named the map “Camper’s Paradise”. All people are doing is hiding in corners and 3-4 stacking on trios and quads🤦🏾‍♂️. I’d rather have Rebirth Island back

COD: Warzone players demand Rebirth Island map return

Based on the above, many COD: Warzone players demand the return of the Rebirth Island map that previously featured in the game.


That’s the thing thou. Not every game on rebirth was like that. Rebirth just also plays a lot better. Better spacing between buildings. The right heights in high cqb areas. Not to mention the fact that for some reason vanguard wz maps always are just too bright for no reason🤷🏼‍♂️

There is no official statement yet on user complaints from the Warzone dev team. We will update this story once new developments emerge on the matter.

Update 1 (June 28)

11:10 am (IST): Modern Warzone support on Twitter has confirmed that the Rebirth Island will return to COD: Warzone later this week. However, Fortune’s Keep will still be available to play.

NOTE: You can also check the COD saga bugs/issues tracker.

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