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Jurassic World Evolution 2 arrived in November last year as the latest installment in the ‘Jurassic park management’ simulator saga.

As in the original game, Jurassic World Evolution 2 gameplay is based on the construction and administration of territories in which dozens of species of prehistoric creatures will coexist.

However, currently Jurassic World Evolution 2 players on PC are facing severe graphical issues and bugs after a recent NVIDIA driver update.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 graphics ‘broken’ after NVIDIA driver update

According to multiple reports, Jurassic World Evolution 2 players are experiencing notable graphical bugs that affect shadows, textures, and overall game performance.

The issue is occurring to Jurassic World Evolution 2 players who use RTX GPUs and have updated to the latest NVIDIA driver.


So I must point out, I am unable to properly enjoy the new DLC due to a new NVIDIA Driver Update causing the Shadows to freak out. Do you have any insight on when thats getting fixed or if its even being fixed

Graphics Issues!!

Sorry if this is a re hash but game is just unplayable and not found and fixes.

So basically I was playing this on Xbox fine but then it got a little too much for my poor old Xbox to handle so decided to get it on PC.

Fired it up and it is unplayable, there are massive black spikes/tears through the screen. and it is worse than the screenshot if I move the camera around. if I set the graphics to medium it gets rid of most of the tears but then nothing loads other than the map.

The graphical issues are so severe that they can make the game totally unplayable due to how broken it is.

In addition to the problem with shadows and performance, there are spikes/tears all over the screen and textures that do not load correctly.

Official acknowledgment and workaround

Jurassic World Evolution 2 developers are already aware of the issue and are investigating. However, there are no details on an ETA for a fix yet.

Hi King Foxy! We are aware of the issues with NVIDIA Driver update causing player’s game to not run properly. We advise for now, rolling back to the previous drivers, which should fix this issue.

But in the meantime, developers are offering a temporary workaround to affected players. Basically, they recommend making a GPU driver roll-back to the previous version of the NVIDIA drivers.

We will update this story once new details emerge on the matter.

Update 1 (June 20)

11:34 am (IST): While a fix for the problem is yet to go live, these are the steps to revert your drivers back to a version that works fine.

Go to “Device Manager” in “Control Panel”, [double] click on “Display Adaptors”. Open the GeForce adapter you have. In the pop up, open the “Driver” tab and click Roll Back. If your having trouble finding “Device Manager” just search for it in the taskbar 🔍 (Source)

Update 2 (June 21)

09:42 am (IST): A user claims that NVIDIA support allegedly told them that the issue is with the game and not with NVIDIA. Therefore the developers will have to work on a fix.

I’m having colour fading issues in Jurassic world evolution 2 and I have talked to nvidia and they say that it’s not the graphics card issue but the game issue instead, so please solve this. (1st screenshot is before the issue occurred and 2nd screenshot is after the issue occur) (Source)

Unfortunately, based on a recent response from Frontier support, there’s still no ETA for a fix but they confirmed that it will be available via a future update.

Information regarding this fix will likely be included in patch notes when the matter is resolved in a future update but at this time I have no ETA on how soon this will be. (Source)

Update 3 (June 23)

12:25 pm (IST): The graphical issue of Jurrasic World Evolution 2 has been resolved in the latest 1.4.3 patch.

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