[Updated] Bloodhunt players unable to find ranked matches or stuck in long queues when crossplay is turned off on PS5

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The battle royale game segment is currently full of many interesting options. However, some titles still stand out from the crowd, like Bloodhunt.

Bloodhunt bets on a setting inspired by the tension and terror of the ‘World of Darkness’ universe stories. So, it moves away from the classic ‘cartoonish’ look of Fortnite and the ‘realistic’ look of others like Warzone.

The game is available free-to-play on Windows OS devices and PS5 consoles. Also, it is compatible with crossplay matches between both platforms.

However, there are some issues with multiplayer that require a fix for an optimal experience. For instance, many players recently reported being unable to invite friends to matches.

Now, PS5 players are facing an issue where they are unable to find ranked matches or get stuck in long queues when crossplay is turned off (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Bloodhunt ‘forces’ you to enable crossplay on PS5 if you want to find ranked matches

According to multiple reports, the issue primarily affects ranked matches. The game is forcing PS5 players to activate the crossplay option if they want to find ranked matches (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).


PS5 Ranked queues, can anyone give insight?

Has anyone been able to find a ranked game with cross play off? I’ve seen a ton of reports of people waiting in 20+ min queues for bronze. I am curious to if ranked is even activated on console. I don’t mind playing cross play in games that aren’t very disadvantaged towards console. Capped at 60 frames and poor aim assist because of lack of frames makes fighting MnK users tough.

Other game modes reportedly work fine even if players have ‘crossplay’ turned off.

Ranked with Cross Play Off

Can we get any official word from the devs on ranked without cross play on. Does this intentionally not work, is it bugged? Will this be fixed/changed? I have no problem finding matches very quickly in other modes without cross play but in Ranked it is seemingly not possible. I was so excited to grind ranked but getting forced into PC lobbies kinda ruins it.

So, Bloodhunt players on PS5 are experiencing the classic problems of other action games that support crossplay between console and PC.

That is, PC gamers will always have an advantage because of the dozens of additional settings they have. Also, the keyboard + mouse combination is usually much more accurate in these types of games.

The potential cause of the problem

According to some reports, the problem could be due to the lack of enough PS5 players who have crossplay disabled in ranked games.


From what I’ve gathered they’ve said it’s because the population for PS5 players with crossplay off playing ranked is too low and I believe they should have some updates regarding ranked this upcoming week.

Personally I don’t think crossplay should be on by default and I understand that may drop the pop. for pc but the differences are too great for it to be enjoyable for the vast majority of console players.

We will update this story as new developments emerge on the matter.

Update 1 (May 10)

02:24 pm (IST): Bloodhunt support has confirmed on Twitter that they are still working on disabling crossplay for Bloodhunt Ranked. However, they did not provide any ETA for the same.

Update 2 (May 11)

12:55 pm (IST): Bloodhunt devs have updated the matchmaking system to reduce wait times and make it fair for console players who are forced to play against PC players.

Hello Bloodhunt Community, we have now released the Ranked matchmaking changes as the poll is already very clear of what the majority of the community wants. We are still looking into PS5 Crossplay off by default for Ranked and will let you know once the change is done. (Source)

Update 3 (May 12)

05:47 pm (IST): Bloodhunt has informed players that they have re-enabled the crossplay shortly after removing it.

Hello Bloodhunt Community! We have now reverted back and crossplay for Bloodhunt Ranked has been enabled again. We are still looking into the issue that caused the problem with the Ranked matchmaker but we need more time to investigate. (Source)

Update 3 (June 16)

05:53 pm (IST): In order to improve the matchmaking time, Bloodhunt support has announced that they will disable the crossplay on PS5 Solo Ranked mode this weekend.

This weekend we are doing a test on PS5 with Solo Ranked and crossplay off! Please let all your PS5 friends know as we will be examining the interest for this. Make sure to spread the word! (Source)

Update 4 (June 17)

03:52 pm (IST): Bloodhunt support has announced that they have activated Ranked matches with Crossplay disabled. And it will be available until Monday.

Moreover, devs will evaluate the results to determine if they can disable more Crossplay without it having a negative impact on the matchmaking times.

Ranked Mode has now been activated with Crossplay off! It’s time to get sweaty and reach the top! After the weekend we will evaluate the data to determine if we can look into doing more Crossplay off without it having a negative impact on matchmaking times. Let’s do this! (Source)

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