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Original story (published on June 6, 2022) follows:

Often abbreviated as PS, PlayStation is Sony’s video game brand similar to the Microsoft Xbox. It features several products, of which the video game console is the most popular.

That said, the company released the PlayStation 5 in November of 2020. A few days ago, PlayStation 5 sales crossed 20 million units worldwide, which according to the company, fell short by 3.3 million units.


PlayStation also comes with its own marketplace that allows users to install apps such as Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify.

That said, PlayStation users who use the YouTube app are now reporting that the voice search function has been removed (1,2,3,4,5). Many are frustrated since they used the functionality to search for videos.

Users have already tried generic solutions such as restarting their PlayStation, reinstalling the YouTube app, and factory resetting their device but to no avail.

Here are some reports from PlayStation users who are upset by the removed voice search functionality in the YouTube app.


The good: The PS5 has become the main media device of the house where we leverage the YouTube app for content from our favorite creators. The search function within the controller has been responsive, accurate, and preferred over all other methods.
The bad: In troubleshooting the missing voice search feature with a reboot, confirmation of up to date firmware for the PS5 as well as the app, full on factory reset and reinstallation of the app the voice search is still missing.

Voice search function gone on ps5 youtube app! Just found out that the voice search function on the ps5 youtube app is missing. However, when using the youtube app installed in the smart tv, the voice search function still exists. Hopefully this issue resolves itself soon. I like being able to switch over to the youtube app via the PS5 switcher, when taking breaks between gaming sessions.

Thankfully, YouTube developers were quick to comment on the matter and said those affected should try updating to the latest version or try re-logging in the YouTube app.

Sorry to hear this – if you haven’t already, you can try signing out then logging in the YouTube app. Also, updating it to the latest version usually does the trick. Tweet us back how it goes.

We hope the aforementioned workaround help fix the removed voice search feature on the PlayStation YouTube app.

Rest assured, we will be keeping track of further developments on the matter and update this space as and when we come across more information so stay tuned.

Update 1 (June 16)

10:44 am (IST): TeamYouTube on Twitter has now acknowledged this issue and said that they are investigating it.

We’ve seen similar reports about this issue, and we’re now looking into it. Thanks for your patience while we sort this out. (Source)

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