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Apple has in its extensive product catalog a series of smart speakers called HomePod. However, users have reported annoying problems with popping noise for months. This happens even after iOS 15 update.

Reports indicate that this problem arises suddenly. While the speaker is playing music, an unexpected and loud “pop” arises. The noise is so loud as to be annoying, and even to wake someone up in their sleep.

Original HomePod suffers from popping noise

It should be noted that, in certain cases, the situation is more serious. A user report that, after the “pop” sound, the speaker goes quiet for a couple of minutes before continue playing.


According to reports, this is something that happens randomly several times a day in the affected units. Some users believe that this symptom is an indication that the device is close to “death”.

The “pop of death” (as some people call it) it’s not the only problem related to this. According to a recent report, a user points out that even the bass of his HomePod went, so the sound quality is worse.


The same report indicates that the affected units suffer from overheating. In fact, the most serious of the matter is that he claims that the same situation is happening to him with a second HomePod unit.

The above could indicate that, instead of being a specific problem, this would be a more generalized (1, 2) issue than previously believed. Even many users suggest that the problem got worse after updating to iOS 15.

The problem was already present since its launch

It’s important to note that the aforementioned issues aren’t exactly new to Apple’s HomePod. This is something we can figure out by looking at reports from years ago. (1, 2).


It should be noted that the problems indicated in those weeks after its launch are very similar, if not identical to those that we see today. Among these we find the same popping noise added to sudden reboots and overheating.

It seems that the company has not been able to find the origin of the problem that causes this annoying sound in the HomePod speaker. Therefore, it’s difficult to know if users will receive a solution, or if Apple is not aware yet.

As of today, Apple has not offered a statement in this regard. It only remains to wait for the situation to reach the ears of those responsible and get a fix.

Update 1 (December 20)

06:10 pm (IST): It appears that even after a few iterative updates, the issue still persists as highlighted by fresh reports from users on a thread about the problem on the Apple community forums.

Unfortunately, there’s still no statement from Apple regarding it. This makes us believe it might take even longer for the HomePod issue with popping noise to be resolved.

Update 2 (December 29)

11:10 am (IST): Well now, there seems to be some light at the end of this tunnel as reports have it that tvOS 15.3 might be bringing a potential fix to this HomePod issue.

homepod potential fix in tvOS 15.3
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Update 3 (January 27)

06:24 pm (IST): Initial reports after the iOS 15.3 update suggests that the issue with HomePod still persists. So, users will need to wait a little longer for the fix.

Update 4 (June 10)

01:40 pm (IST): A YouTuber has suggested a potential workaround for this issue that might help users to resolve it. You can check it in the video linked below.

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