Over the years, YouTube has become the biggest video platform in the world, being the favorite for millions of users worldwide.

YouTube has also been evolving, receiving multiple new features and sections. For instance, there is now YouTube Gaming, where video game fans watch and share content.

YouTube Gaming allows creators to both upload videos and start live streams. One of the most popular games on live streaming platforms is Roblox.

However, currently, many YouTube users and creators are facing an annoying issue where the ‘Roblox’ name (alongside the ‘Roblox’ category) are missing from the platform (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Roblox missing from YouTube Gaming, category removed too

According to multiple reports, ‘Roblox’ word appears to be currently missing from YouTube Gaming. This happened suddenly and for no apparent reason, affecting many users and channels.


The issue prevents YouTube creators from adding the ‘Roblox’ name to their videos and live streams.

hi @TeamYouTube, recently,creators have noticed we cant add ‘Roblox’ as the game title on videos anymore+the ROBLOX category on yt has completely been removed as well. This is affecting video performance because it isnt being directly pushed to the right audience. pls fix ty

Also, the issue is behind the disappearance of the ‘Roblox’ category from YouTube. This makes all videos that were tagged under that category inaccessible.

Hey @TeamYouTube, why did you remove Roblox from the gaming category on YouTube? I can’t find it there, and I can’t set “Roblox” as the game title when choosing “Gaming” for my video category, and all my videos that had Roblox as the game title is gone. If you removed it, why?

In addition, it is extremely difficult to find content related to Roblox through the search engine.

It’s not a glitch or any some sort of a bug. I can proof you that Roblox Topic isn’t there anymore when I search it and as well as Roblox not popping up in Game Title (Optional) thing when creating a stream.

Dedicated Roblox channels appear as ‘not available’

According to reports, channels fully dedicated to Roblox even appear as ‘not available’.

Yes @TeamYouTube but, It’s happens to everyone too. As well as, The Roblox Topic Channel is also gone and we can’t find a stream there ever since it happen. Please sort this out.


YouTube team looking into the issue

The YouTube team is already aware of the issue and is looking into it. But, there are no details yet on an ETA to get everything back to normal.

We’ve seen similar reports that creators tag their content under Roblox. We’re looking into it.

We will update this story as new events related to the matter arise.

NOTE: You can also check the YouTube bugs/issues tracker.

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