Sonos aware of subs & surround audio dropping out, audio sync or delay issues after v14.6 update; potential workarounds inside

Sonos is one of the most important names in the audio industry. The company focuses on wireless audio products for sound systems to cover your entire home.

The brand also wants its products to be easy to manage through mobile devices. Basically, Sonos goal is to make the user experience as easy and satisfying as possible.

However, Sonos products users are currently facing some issues that significantly affect their functionality.

More specifically, subs and surround audio are dropping out on Sonos speakers after v14.6 update. Also, there are some audio sync or delay issues.

Sonos subs and surround audio dropping out after v14.6 update

According to multiple reports, the 14.6 update brought issues that directly impact the performance of Sonos speakers subs and surround.

A surround setup is made up of multiple synchronized speakers surround setups to achieve a more immersive audio experience.

But, currently the sound on one (or more) of the Sonos speakers is dropping out.


Lost surround and sub ( after update ?)


I don’t know if my issue is related to the 14.6 update but I noticed today that I had no sound from my surround (play 3) and my sub (Gen 2), only the Arc is working They are still present in the app under the my System view but now sound which every sources.

Arc, 2x One’s, 1 3rd Gen Sub

Ever since moving to Sonos 14.6 when I change sources on audio, e.g.; ATV to UHD, Airplay to ATV, TV to UHD, etc..

My rear one’s will stop working, and my sub will stop working, and the Arc will still play. In fact after 14.6 I had to re-setup my surround.

When this occurs; the surrounds and sub failing, if I disable them in the S2 App they turn back on! I can’t control their volumes, but they turn on. If I re-enable them in the S2 app, they turn off.

That said, there are a couple of workarounds that can help resolve or mitigate the issue. The first is to modify certain specific settings:


The conditions for the other workaround are as follows:


Audio sync or delay issues on Sonos speakers too

Sonos speakers 14.6 update also brought audio sync or delay issues. This causes problems such as audio lag with respect to the image if you are watching a movie or video (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).


Symfonisk Weird Delay??

Hey guys,

This weekend I got two Symfonisk picture frames to replace my old Play:1’s as rears. I was able to tune them at the time, but they sounded really good.

However this morning I was able to TruePlay Tune them, and ever since then the rears (Symfonisk’s) have a delay and I can’t figure out what’s going on.

It’s worth pointing out that v14.6 is not the latest Sonos speakers update. There is a newer update (v14.8.1) that reportedly fixed the issue for some users.


However, in case you’re facing the problem, there is a potential workaround:

FWIW rebooting the Arc fixes my issue temporarily as well.

The Sonos team has been aware since May

The Sonos team has been aware of the audio issues caused by the v14.6 update for 1 month (since May). But, it seems that the problem is still present, as related reports continue to surface.


We will update this story once new developments on the matter emerge.

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