Successor to Call of Duty: Warzone, Vanguard is the latest title in the celebrated franchise. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, it was launched in November last year and makes use of the IW 8.0 Engine.

While the game is published by Activision, the company’s branding was nowhere to be seen following the announcement of Vanguard.

Instead, this was the first time the company used ‘Call of Duty presents’ instead of ‘Activision presents’.


While both players and reviewers have praised the game for its realistic visuals and fast-paced gameplay, technical bugs and issues such as Zombies weapons not loading or appearing and the H4 Blixen challenges not tracking have troubled many in the last few days.

And as if these aforementioned issues weren’t annoying enough, Call of Duty Vanguard players are now saying that the matchmaking wait time is too long (1,2,3,4,5).

Players have already tried switching to a wired connection, checking internet settings, restarting their system, and verifying files but nothing seems to help them find a match.

Here are some reports from Call of Duty: Vanguard players complaining about the long matchmaking wait time.


Matchmaking doesn’t seem to be finding matches Remains as “Searching match” try starting a solo match for zombies or multiplayer doesn’t start for zombies it says creating match and it doesn’t actually create it, I see no one complaining but I heard some ps5 users like myself experiencing this, it isn’t my account either I made a new account on ps5-activision still says “searching match, creating match” no ping showing.

Is it just me or after the latest update where all the mags got a slight buff etc.. I don’t know. Is anyone else having problems getting into games? Id be searching for 5+ minutes just to be put in a game that’s already started and teams are unbalanced. And by already started for example I got put into an snd game 4v6 and was 0-1 down.. why couldn’t it just put me in that game before it started after searching for a long time. before the update I’d get put into games quickly before the ping goes up to 200 during the search.

As it turns out, Call of Duty Vanguard developers (Sledgehammer Games) have acknowledged the issue and added it to their Trello board. It looks like they are currently investigating the problem but there is no fix in sight.

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When they fix the matchmaking problem, we will be updating this space to let you know so stay tuned. Also, make sure you check out our Call of Duty Vanguard bug tracker to see similar issues.

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