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Fortnite is the most popular battle-royale game in the world today where millions of players face massive battles daily.

Recently, Fortnite gained even more interest due to Epic Games adding a ‘no build’ mode which is entirely focused on the use of weapons and items, removing the ability to build.

Fortnite players also often receive weekly challenges, such as Resistance Quests. However, currently, many players are facing issues when trying to complete them.

More specifically, Fortnite Resistance quests are not showing, disappearing or unavailable for many (1, 2).

Fortnite Resistance quests unavailable for many players

According to multiple reports, many are unable to access Fortnite Resistance quests. Apparently, quests never start no matter what the player does.


Can anyone else not access resistance quests?

I am unable to access resistance quests, and when i go to the objectives, they do not work, ive tried switching platforms, reseting the game, nothing works. is this happening to anyone else? or am i just unlucky? could epic please fix this glitch? I would like my xp.

Week 2 resistance quests not starting

It says that I need to complete week 1 quests before I can do the week 2 quests but Ive already done the week 1 quests. Epic cant even get weekly quests right smh.

The issue is preventing players from accessing the next set of Fortnite weekly quests.

Fortnite Resistance quests also not showing up or disappearing

For other players, the Fortnite Resistance quests are disappearing from their lists, or not even appearing at all.


Also, it appears that Fortnite Resistance Week 2 quests are not unlocking even though players have completed all Week 1 quests.

Quests not showing up

I’m trying to do my resistance week two quests, but it says I have to finish week one. I swear I finished week one and it isn’t showing up anymore leading me to believe I finished it, idk why my other quests aren’t working.

Why isn’t resistance quest popping up

I’ve done all rebuilding and it’s just not appearing and when I clicked view quests it just took me to the daily quest tab is there a fix.

Epic Games already aware, fix coming soon

The Epic Games team is already aware of the issue. In fact, a fix is already scheduled to arrive in the next Fortnite update, although there is no exact date for it yet.

We are aware some players cannot complete all of the currently available Resistance quests. We will have a fix for this in an upcoming update.

We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (April 30)

10:50 pm (IST): Fortnite support on Twitter has confirmed that they have resolved the issue preventing some players to progress in Resistance quests.

Update 2 (June 1)

05:30 pm (IST): Some Fortnite players again reported (1, 2) the issue where they are unable to see the Resistance quests. However, it appears to have been resolved now.

Update 3 (June 2)

04:26 pm (IST): Many players are now reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that even after completing all Resistance quests, they are receiving ‘not available in the current match’ error message.

However, this appears to be an intended behavior since ‘Resistance’ is a live event and new quests will arrive in the coming hours or days.

NOTE: You can also check the Fortnite bugs/issues tracker.

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