Developed by Smitegate and Tripod Studio, Lost Ark is one of the few 2.5D isometric top-down games that gained massive popularity in the last few years.

Released in the Americas and Europe earlier this year, the game passed the 20 million player base mark just a month after its release. However, the last few weeks seem to be tough for those playing.


While some are stuck at the endless loading screen on Haiger’s Manor and Rielvarr Ruins, others said the auto-dismantle function was broken or not working as intended.

Adding to the long list of problems, Lost Ark players are now reporting an issue where the item icons get stuck on the cursor (1,2,3,4,5).

Many say it is hindering their ability to dismantle items since they are unable to right-click and are often unable to click anywhere else after it happens.

Common troubleshooting steps such as verifying game files via Steam and restarting the game aren’t helping either.


Sometimes, when I click on an item, it stays on my mouse and I can’t get rid of it. I can’t click anywhere else after that. I can still cast spell but it’s very disturbing to play. I need to change location so get rid of it. Happened already 3 times since the may 19th update. As an example, I tried to change the bomb I had in my item bar. I clicked on the bombs in my bag and then the bomb stayed on my moue cursor during of my Orea dungeon. It only left when I finished the dungeon, when I teleported somewhere else.

This same problem happened to me a long time ago and then went away. But ever since the latest big update, it has happened frequently. Specifically it happens to me after I do the Thunderwing field boss. My right click stops working and when I go to drag and drop something to test if my left click is working, the item gets stuck to my cursor and the only fix I have found is to restart the game. Very annoying.

While restarting the game fixes the problem, it is not a practical solution. Thankfully, Lost Ark developers have acknowledged the issue and said it is currently under investigation but there is no ETA of when it will be fixed.

Hey Alana, sorry to see you’re impacted by this as well. The development team is working on this issue.

However, we came across some workarounds that might help fix the problem. The first one requires players to switch characters, teleport or change location.

The best work-around is to hit ESC and change characters as far as I can see, though if someone invites you to a map or such that triggers another loading screen, that may also fix it.

Some say holding Ctrl + Scroll fixed the problem for them.


We hope Lost Ark developers soon release an update that fixes the issue where item icons are getting stuck on mouse cursor. If and when they do, we will be updating this space to reflect the same so keep checking PiunikaWeb.

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Featured image source: Playlostark

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