Apex Legends players complain about Wraith tactical bug where she takes damage in void, no fix in sight

Here’s the crux of the article in video form:

In a world full of realistic graphics and slow-paced shooting games, Apex Legends is a change of pace. It is developed by the same studio that brought us the Titanfall series – Respawn Entertainment.

The developers also brought over the Titanfall universe along with weapons and some characters like Bangalore and Pathfinder. Having said that, Apex Legends started Season 13 on May 10 this year.


But as is the case with the majority of EA titles, players have complained about various bugs and issues such as the game crashing with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error and Loba tactical not working as intended.

As it turns out, Loba isn’t the only character with a bugged tactical. Many Apex Legends players are now saying that Wraith tactical is bugged as well.

Reports suggest that Wraith is taking damage even when in the void and after coming out, she becomes invulnerable for a while (1,2,3,4,5).

It looks like the problem started after the start of Season 13. While some say the bug is making her tactical ability useless, others seem to be exploiting the invulnerability.

Below are a few reports from Apex Legends players complaining about Wraith tactical ability being broken.


I have died countless times in season 13 because of this bug, This never happened before season 13. I’m taking damage while in the void, and it’s not like I’m taking damage while she’s phasing or soon after she’s entered her phase, even if someone shoots me after 2-3 seconds of being in the void, I’ll still take damage. Please fix this bug ASAP, you’ve made wraith unplayable because of this bug.

So Wraith is glitched. While in the void you take damage and after you get out of the void you’re invincible for a few seconds. The new Wraith META is to Q behind cover, wait for the phase to be almost over, pop out of cover, see where the enemy is, when the phase runs out you should be pre-aiming at the enemy, congrats on the free one clip. You can even stand still and shoot. You will not take damage for a few seconds. Respawn, fix your dam game. Or at least acknowledge the bugs.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends developers are yet to officially comment on the issue. We hope they take a look at the matter and fix Wraith’s tactical ability as soon as possible.

Rest assured, we will be updating this article as and when we come across more information or EA fixes the issue so keep checking this space.

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