The Galaxy S21 lineup is the previous generation of flagship smartphones from Samsung. There are four models in the family: Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy S21 FE.

Although these devices integrate many of Samsung’s most advanced mobile technologies, they have not been free of certain problems since their launch.

Currently, vanilla S21 users are facing some audio and notification issues. More specifically, Galaxy S21 volume automatically gets lower for some, while the notification sound cuts out halfway for others.

Samsung Galaxy S21 volume getting lower

According to multiple reports, there is an issue on the Galaxy S21 where the device’s audio volume drops, for no apparent reason.

The problem reportedly also causes worse audio quality while using Bluetooth headsets.


Volume going down from 100% to 70% automatically while listening to any sounds

So this is a new issue that has appeared on my s21 5g exynos and it is driving me crazy. It happens quite often, so if anyone knows of a fix, I’d appreciate it.

I connected my ultra to my Bluetooth speaker and the music volume (Spotify) being transmitted was low. The speaker was full volume and I had to turn it all the way up to what would normally be like 25% volume.

Thinking it’s an app issue, I tested with SoundCloud, I had the same issue. I then tried with an iPhone and the speaker volume was normal

A potential workaround

If you are facing the problem, there is a workaround that could help. Basically, you can search the Google Play Store for one of the many ‘volume booster’ apps that are available.

I’ve always used a volume booster app at one point or another. When one stops working, I search the app store for a working one. In this case, “Extra Volume Booster” is working perfect.

Notification sound cuts out halfway

Some Samsung Galaxy S21 users are also experiencing a glitch where the notification sound abruptly cuts out halfway, and then completes some seconds later.


Notification sound cuts off halfway through then resumes a couple seconds later

This is a weird one and I’ve done a ton of searching but haven’t found a similar issue. 90% of the time (not all the time but I can’t find any common cause when it does work). My notification sound starts at the correct time, right when a notification comes in. It plays about half the sound (so only like half a second) then stops abruptly. Roughly five seconds later, it plays the rest of the notification sound.

For this issue, there is still no workaround to help mitigate or resolve it. There is also no official acknowledgment of these bugs from Samsung.

We will update this story once new details emerge on the matter.

NOTE: You can also check the Samsung Galaxy S21 series bugs/issues tracker.

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