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YouTube is currently the biggest video platform in the world. Over the years, it has also gained some social features, although the main focus has always remained on videos.

In addition to normal videos, the YouTube platform offers support for live streams. YouTube video live streams allow users to interact with their favorite content creators.

Live streams are usually about gameplays, live question/answer sessions, etc. But, currently YouTube content creators are facing issues with live streams.

Apparently, YouTube video streams are currently getting stuck on private as they are erroneously flagged as spam or scam (1, 2, 3, 4).

YouTube video live streams stuck on private

According to multiple reports, many content creators are currently experiencing the issue.

Once YouTube content creators start a live stream, it reportedly automatically changes its visibility to ‘private’.


Youtube flagging most recent streams as spam and making them private?

Anyone know why this might be happening? Every video before today’s stream had the exact same tags and whatnot. And a couple of the videos I removed the tags altogether and they also got flagged and made private after saving.

Edit 1:

Welp, YouTube is just tagging literally anything and everything I upload/create/edit as spam and making it private.

My video got privatized and I don’t know why

I was posting gameplay for Spider-Man PS4: it was my gameplay, I kept the commentary clean, there wasn’t anything that could have been offensive or bad.. but when I try to upload my video, it says it fails to meet the terms and policies of Youtube. Is there a copyrighted cutscene? Is it a bug? I can’t appeal it and I sent youtube a help message but it’s not even telling me what I’m doing wrong! ( For those who want to know what the video is about, it’s the Shocker cutscenes )

Then, the owners of the channel receive an (automatic) message or email from YouTube. In the email it says that the content of the live stream must receive modifications to be sure that it is not spam or a scam.


The email also notes that content creators can appeal the sanction. However, when users try to make an appeal, they are unable to do so:


YouTube team is already aware

The YouTube team is already aware of the issue in question and they are looking into it. However, there are no details yet on an ETA for a fix.

Looking into this & will update you soon! We also recommend appealing this decision via the notification in Studio dashboard > Review Content > Restrictions > Appeal.

We will update this story once new details emerge on the matter.

Update 1 (May 24)

04:05 pm (IST): Some YouTube creators have regained the ability to stream after complaining to the support team. However, a general fix for all affected creators is yet to come.

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