Escape from Tarkov 'ammo disappearing after raid' bug comes to light

Escape from Tarkov arrived in 2017 as an interesting action game that combines multiple genres.

Battlestate Games sought to deliver an immersive narrative-focused shooter experience. For that, the game features a solid story, RPG touches, survival elements, a tense setting, and more.

However, currently many players are facing an annoying glitch that directly impacts the gameplay.

More specifically, Escape from Tarkov players are losing the ammo of their weapons as it is disappearing from the inventory and even from the weapons chamber (1, 2, 3, 4).

Escape from Tarkov ammo disappearing after raid

According to multiple reports, the ammo is suddenly disappearing from Escape from Tarkov players’ inventory. The issue seems to occur mainly at the end of a raid.


Anyone had issues with ammo deleting after raid?

I was on reserve. killed 3 raiders and unloaded some m993 out of one of there guns and stuck it in my gamma, made it to d2 and extracted. but when I made it back to my stash the ammo wasn’t in my gamma. anyone else had this issue before? straight up deleted a stack of it.

FIR Ammo stacks disappearing from bag/inventory after extracting

I have been playing LABS for the past few hours. I kept coming back to my stash and feeling like all the ammo I mag drilled into my backpack from the raiders was missing. Presuming that maybe I was leaving the ammo on a raider body accidentally, I decided to video record my filled bag at raid end, and voila, once I reach my stash select stacks of FIR ammo are missing.

Ammo disappearing from the weapons chamber too

In some cases, the Escape from Tarkov glitch causes the ammo to disappear even from the weapons chamber.


Ammo disappearing lately?

Curious if anyone else is having issues from last update. I’m loading into raids with my round in chamber disappearing and others. Just left a raid where I unloaded 7.62 BP and 45 ap from player guns into my secure container at factory. Gone when I got to stash.

Filling out a bug form when I get off.

The round in chamber disappearing has been consistent for 15+ raids in the last few days for me

There is no official acknowledgment of the issue by Battlestate Games yet. There is also no workaround to help resolve or at least mitigate the bug.

We will update this story as new details emerge.

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