[Updated] 'AirPod Pro detected - An AirPod Pro has been moving with you for a while' notification annoying many

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In recent weeks, iOS device users have been receiving annoying notifications related to AirPods (Apple’s TWS earbuds).

Now, according to multiple reports, their mobile devices have been detecting if there is an AirPod Pro nearby, which is causing the notifications. This occurs even with AirPods Pro that do not belong to the user.

More specifically, the system constantly shows a ‘AirPod Pro detected – An AirPod Pro has been moving with you for a while’ notification that persistently reappears.

‘AirPod Pro detected’ notification annoying many iOS users

Affected users report receiving this notification constantly, and without being able to do anything to prevent it. This is annoying and frustrating as it cannot be stopped (1, 2, 3).

”Airpods pro detected near you” and they’re my airpods. I get the notification whenever I use them and it’s driving me crazy.

It’s since the most recent iOS update. It says that the owner can see the location of these airpods, but like.. I’m the owner? To disable it i’m supposed to press the stems five times but nothing is happening. How do I tell my phone that it’s my airpods?

Edit: the notifications says ”’unknown device detected’ this item has been moving with you for a while. the owner can see its location”


The notification appears even if you don’t have an AirPod Pro

Many of the reports related to the ‘AirPod Pro detected’ notification agree that the user does not own that device. This can even be dangerous for privacy.

Hi, I got a notification Friday night saying “AirPods Pro Detected Near You” I don’t own any AirPods and neither does my partner that I live with.

This really freaked me out in light of some AirTag situations…it said they could see my location for some time. And then I couldn’t even disable the AirPods because you have to have them on you so they could just continue to see my location…

AirPod Pros detected near you, but I don’t have any.

I got a weird notification on my IPhone today telling that airpod pros were detected near me. I have already checked my clothes and bags and no AirPods were placed in there. Any idea if this is something to be concerned about or not?

The possible responsible for the notification: ‘Find My’ app

The potential responsible for the false notification could be the ‘Find My’ app (Notify When Left Behind feature). This alerts the user when he leaves a compatible/traceable device in an unknown location.


However, this has yet to be officially confirmed. Anyway, you can check everything about this feature (and possible ways to deactivate it) through this link.

Finally, if there is any new development related to the subject, we will update this article with the pertinent information. So stay tuned.

Update 1 (March 24)

05:53 pm (IST): It has been a few months since this issue was first reported. And it seems that Apple hasn’t yet fixed it as new reports (1, 2) continue to pour in.

Update 2 (April 05)

06:15 pm (IST): A Redditor pointed out that users are getting this message due to Apple’s Find My network.

It happens because somebody lost their AirPods and your iPhone picked up the signal. However, this is just speculation and the actual cause may be different.

Update 3 (April 12)

05:56 pm (IST): Another temporary solution for this issue, suggested by a user, is to turn off your Bluetooth.

Update 4 (April 27)

05:34 pm (IST): Apple has released the third beta of iOS 15.5 for public testers. But unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to fix this annoying notification issue.

Update 5 (May 4)

01:39 pm (IST): Apple has released the iOS 15.5 beta 4. But unfortunately, it does not mention anything about the notification bug.

Update 6 (May 9)

01:36 pm (IST): Some AirPods owners are still reporting this issue. Additionally, one said he was being tracked by someone who lost their AirPods after his iPhone detected them, which raises privacy concerns.

Update 7 (May 19)

01:44 pm (IST): According to a Redditor, Apple is aware of the issue with ‘AirPods Pro detected’ notification. However, there’s no official statement from the company over this.

And if this information is anything to go by, users can expect a fix for this issue in a future firmware update.


Featured Image: Apple

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