[Updated] AirPods Pro 'automatically disconnecting' or 'deleted from Bluetooth devices list' after 4E71 update? Try this workaround

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The AirPods Pro are the most premium TWS headphones in the Apple catalog. The earphones boast high-quality audio, immersive 360° sound, and seamless integration with the Apple product ecosystem.

Like other Apple products, AirPods Pro receive updates from time to time. These updates usually bring improvements, tweaks and new features.

Recently, AirPods Pro received the 4E71 update. But, according to multiple reports, the update brought some annoying connectivity issues.

More specifically, some AirPods Pro units are automatically disconnecting after 4E71 update for many. Also, they are being deleted from Bluetooth devices list (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14).

AirPods Pro automatically disconnecting and disappearing from Bluetooth device list

Many AirPods Pro users are currently experiencing an issue where earphone disconnections can occur every few minutes or even every few seconds (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).


Also, the mobile device keeps removing the AirPods Pro from the list of Bluetooth devices. So, they have to constantly repeat the pairing process.


AirPods keep disconnecting and removing itself from Bluetooth devices

Does anyone know how come whenever I want to use my AirPods on my iPhone I need to hold the button on the case down to reconnect it? Just recently started having this issue. I would have to connect the AirPod pros by holding the button on the back and then they would connect. I would listen to music for 10 minutes and they disconnect again and it’s gone off of my Bluetooth devices list.

Crackling interference during calls too

Current AirPods Pro connectivity issues also manifest during calls. It causes ‘crackling interference’ sound during calls, in addition to disconnection.

crackling interference on calls with AirPods after about 30 seconds of normal.

I’m wondering if anyone else is having issues with crackling interference when using AirPods for a call? It does not do it alt all when listening to music or podcast, and does not do it as soon as you answer the call, but anywhere from about 30 seconds through to a few minutes of being on a call it starts cutting in and out.

AirPods Pro 4E71 update seems to be the cause of the problem

Most reports agree that the recent AirPods Pro update to version 4E71 is likely behind these connectivity issues.


@Apple @AppleSupport your latest update to the AirPods lineup (4E71) has rendered them entirely useless. They disconnect and erase from the Bluetooth pairings within 5 minutes of being paired. Please send out another update to fix this so our products function as intended.

Sadly, updating the AirPods Pro cannot be avoided. This is an automatic process that happens randomly while you are using them.

A potential workaround

There is a potential workaround that reportedly helps resolve or mitigate the issue. The workaround is to change the name of the phone, then reset the AirPods:

A simple reset/reboot doesn’t fix this. What you need to do is change the name of your phone in the general/about section of your phone before resetting the airpods (lid open, hold button -white, then amber then white light).

Also, it seems that if you remove or ‘forget’ the AirPods from the list of Bluetooth devices before doing the reset helps the process to be successful.


There is no official acknowledgment of the issue from Apple yet. We will update this story once new developments on the matter emerge.

Update 1 (May 16)

02:07 pm (IST): Some users are now reporting that one or both earphones have stopped working after the latest AirPods Pro 4E71 update. Also, some say that the ANC feature is not working properly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Update 1 (May 18)

06:42 pm (IST): One of the affected users has shared a workaround that has worked for some users (1, 2) and perhaps it can do the trick for you as well. You can check it out below.




Also, another user said that this issue got resolved after he installed the iOS 15.5 beta on his iPhone.

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