[Updated] YouTube users report 'controller buttons not working' on Xbox & PlayStation consoles, issue acknowledged

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Original story (published on May 13, 2022) follows:

YouTube is the biggest online video platform with over 75.67% market share and the second most visited on the internet.

However, it recently came under scrutiny from users when the company decided to remove the dislike button from videos.

Furthermore, technical glitches like the autoplay feature automatically turning on and channels getting hijacked with videos from CasualChannel User have troubled some in the last few weeks.


And now, YouTube users are reporting that controller buttons are not working on Xbox and PlayStation consoles (1,2,3,4,5).

While those on Xbox say the backspace, X, and Y buttons are not working, PlayStation users complain about square and triangle buttons not responding in the search bar.

Some have already tried reconnecting their controllers, connecting another controller, and reinstalling the YouTube app but to no avail. Here is what users affected by the problem have to say.


Primarily on Xbox, but as of late, I’ve noticed X doesn’t backspace, and Y isn’t spacing. If I want to do either while typing a search, I have to navigate to the buttons instead of just using the controller buttons. Unsure if it’s a bug, or a known change, but either way, it probably needs fixed.

Anyone else having controller issues on PS4 youtube? Square and triangle button doesn’t work in search bar but works on literally everything else? Just started happening tonight
So yeah square and triangle just won’t work, can’t delete letters or use triangle as spaacebar, I have to do it by pressing delete and space now which is weird.

Thankfully, YouTube developers have acknowledged the issue where controller buttons are not working on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

We’ve seen similar reports about the Xbox’s controller buttons not working on YouTube, and we’re currently looking into it.

We’ve seen similar reports about the PS5 controller buttons not working on YouTube, and we’re currently looking into it.

We hope they find the root cause of the problem and fix it as soon as possible so those on consoles can use the app normally. As always, we will be updating this article as and when we come across more information so make sure you keep checking this space.

In the meantime, make sure you check out our YouTube bugs and issues tracker to see similar issues affecting users.

Update 1 (May 16)

12:16 pm (IST): One of the affected users has shared a workaround that may help you resolve this issue. Those affected can use Xbox smart glass to type as a temporary solution.

Update 2 (May 17)

01:33 pm (IST): Here’s a workaround for PlayStation users. You can use PlayStation app, just like SmartGlass on Xbox, to navigate through console interface and use keyboard directly from the mobile.

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