COD Vanguard is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the industry today. Since its launch in November 2021, it has built a solid and active community of players.

Sledgehammer Games (Vanguard developers) also often submit new content to keep players interested. New content may include challenges, skins, camos, events, and more.

However, currently, many players are facing issues when trying to unlock some camos, as goals for certain weapons are not tracking correctly.

More specifically, many are unable to unlock the COD Vanguard diamond camo due to the tracking for marksman rifles not working correctly. However, this has an explanation.

COD Vanguard diamond camo for marksman rifles not tracking correctly

According to multiple reports, the COD Vanguard diamond camo for marksman rifles is not unlocking due to a bug in the goal tracking system.


Diamond camo for marksman rifles

Completed 3 out of 3 gold unlocks for the diamond camo and its still locked. Progress bar even says 3/3 completed. I didn’t have this problem with AR diamond or pistol diamond. Anyone know what the deal is here?

Diamond marksman rifles not working.

So I just completed the 3 marksman rifles required for diamond camo, m1 garand, g-43 and the new m1916 from battle pass season 3. But it’s only giving me diamond for the m1916 and the diamond for the other 2 are still locked but it says 3/3 guns are complete as needed for diamond. What could be the issue?

Atomic camo tracking also affected by the glitch

Apparently, Diamond camo is not the only camo affected by tracking issues. According to multiple reports, Atomic camo tracking system is also bugged.

In this case, the glitch affects the tracking of weapons such as the marksman rifles and the m1916.

Atomic grind

So I’m on to marksman rifles, I read that they fixed the m1916 so if you get it gold and 2 other marksman rifles you’ll get diamond for the category , I’ve also read other places that it’s still glitched. Can anyone confirm that it’s fixed?

Atomic camo bug?

Hey guys, I recently unlocked gold camo for the mp40 and the m1928 and when I scroll to atomic it says I have 2/9 diamond camos despite having none at all as if its counting the golds instead. Is this a know visual bug or will I actually just get atomic when I get 9 golds?

Here is what is happening

Apparently, everything is due to a visual glitch. To obtain the Diamond camo, the player must first unlock a certain amount of ‘Diamond classes’ weapons.

But, a bug in the game is causing the tracking system to register the player’s ‘Gold class’ weapons instead of the Diamond ones. So, the counter for ‘Diamond class’ weapons never really fills up.

It’s happening to everyone, instead of it counting how many classes/categories you have Diamond on, it’s counting how many weapons you have Gold.

There is still no official acknowledgment on the issue from Vanguard developers yet. We will update this story as events unfold.

NOTE: You can also check the COD saga bugs/issues tracker.

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