Rust Console Edition public test branch not working or crashing after recent update on PS4 & PS5

Facepunch Studios released Rust in February 2018 as a new and interesting survival game.

Rust challenges the player to make their way through a world full of dangers and challenges, starting with just a rock and a torch as equipment and weapons.

As the Rust players progress through the story, they will be able to create better weapons and items. Also, they will have to survive the natural conditions (cold or heat), the needs of their characters (hunger, thirst, etc.) and more.

Rust has become the favorite survival game for many players, even though there are other big names in the same segment like ARK.

The game is available for current and previous generation consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S). Also, you can play it on all desktop and laptop OS (Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS).

However, currently many Rust players (Console Edition) on PS4 and PS5 are facing an issue where the ‘public test branch’ is not working or crashing (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Rust Console Edition (PS4 and PS5) public test branch crashing after recent update

Rust ‘public test branch’ is an option through which players can access new content before it is available to everyone. So, it’s basically like a beta version of the game.

But, according to multiple reports, Rust (Console Edition) public test branch is experiencing a crashing issue on PS4 and PS5 right after trying to access it (1, 2, 3, 4).


no, the test branch keeps crashing anytime you open it for me and my friends on playstation. it’s just keeps blue screening.

The most recent Rust Console Edition public test branch update reportedly brought the issue.

@playrustconsole test branch got an update today and now crashes every time I try to open it, PS5. Have uninstalled and reinstalled already, no fix.

@playrustconsole after the update this morning my rust public test branch is getting an error message and not working.

PS4 and PS5 players trying to access the Rust (Console Edition) public test branch currently only get a blue screen with an error message.

There is no official acknowledgment of the issue from Facepunch Studios yet. So, the affected players do not know when they will be able to access the game normally again.

There is also no workaround to help resolve or mitigate the issue while players await official pronouncements on the matter.

We will update this story as events unfold in the future.

Featured Image: Rust on Facebook Gaming

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