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COD: Black Ops Cold War arrived in November 2020 as the latest installment in the Black Ops sub-series within the Call of Duty franchise.

‘Cold War’ is a direct sequel to the original COD: Black Ops released in 2010. The COD: Black Ops series seeks to offer campaigns with raw, relatively realistic gameplay and cinematic experiences.

That said, currently many players are facing an issue where they receive multiple error codes. More specifically, COD: Black Ops Cold War players are getting ‘UI error’ 85118, 17109, 26465, 43399, 85870 or 92805.

COD: Black Ops Cold War ‘UI error’ 85118, 17109, 26465, 43399, 85870 or 92805

According to multiple reports, ‘UI error’ 85118, 17109, 26465, 43399, 85870 or 92805 are appearing for many COD: Black Ops Cold War players.


That’s cool and all but there is a UI error going on in the game that isn’t allowing players to do anything on cold war ive already seen youtube videos on it plz fix it

UI Error – PC

What are these UI errors players are getting when looking at the social tab on the PC? I have to dismiss like 2 errors (sorry, I clicked through in frustration the two times it happened to me, so I do not know the specific code), 10 times each before I can get back onto the main multiplayer screen. I also cant hear anyone in my lobby when it happens, but when I dismiss an error, I can hear them before the next error pops up (within a second).

The issue in question reportedly started a few hours ago, and it seems that most Cold War players are experiencing it.

This is new, started today, and I have no idea how to avoid it once it has started. All PC players in my friends group are currently getting bugged out from it – sometimes requiring a full hard reset of the PC.

I am curious if this is happening to console players, as well?

The glitch appears when scrolling list of friends

According to multiple reports, the COD: Black Ops Cold War ‘UI error’ occurs when opening and scrolling the player’s friends list.


Seems the error code only shows when I scroll friends, other than that the game SEEMS to work fine.

Yeah I was able to play as long as I didn’t open my friends list,

There is no official acknowledgment of the issue from COD: Black Ops Cold War developers yet. We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (May 07)

09:40 am (IST): Raven Software on its official Trello board has confirmed that they have released a fix for this issue.

NOTE: You can also check the COD: bugs/issues tracker.

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