[Updated] Hypixel website & servers hacked; Minecraft players troubled with 'Failed to authenticate your connection hypixelservers' too

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Original story (published on May 03, 2022) follows:

Minecraft is one of the most successful games today. Since its launch, its gameplay that encourages creativity has conquered millions of players around the world.

Minecraft is a survival and construction game. Its construction tools stand out because they allow you to create entire worlds through simple blocks.

In addition, Minecraft allows you to create your servers with your own rules. One of the most popular servers in Minecraft is Hypixel.

Hypixel is a server that offers Minecraft players many minigames. The server is ideal for those who want to just jump in and play, without much prior preparation.

That said, Hypixel website and servers were hacked, so they are unavailable. Also, hackers are trying to scam players by requesting fraudulent donations.

Hypixel website and servers hacked

At the time of writing this story, the Hypixel website shows an error message when trying to access it.


The error message in question tells users that the Minecraft Hypixel project was temporarily shutdown due to lack of resources to pay for licenses and servers.

Minecraft ‘Failed to authenticate your connection hypixelservers’

As a consequence of the hack, Minecraft players trying to access Hypixel’s servers are unable to do so.

When Minecraft players try to run the game through the Hypixel servers, they only receive a ‘Failed to authenticate your connection hypixelservers’ error message.

Hypixel hacked website asks for donations, but it is a scam

The error message on the Hypixel website also invites users to make a donation. To do this, they leave cryptocurrency addresses to which they invite unsuspecting players to make transfers.

But, you should avoid sending donations to these addresses, as the message is a scam.

Feel free to send any amount of crypto you would like, big donations will have something special in-game we cannot reveal yet.

Bitcoin: bc1qk7t3svmd8xstd8a7ky5efprxakd6dka5rp2f60 / 1BiseH8kaH8jgg8zy2Ts4xP1pmGe17AtMA
Ethereum (we would appreciate take any token such as USDT or DAI): 0x899b4cb4C70df96d8902305B0a840270bE291a91
Litecoin: LYTiwRxbtmzdeAmMtRjrtZmzq2CcJYQgcK

Requesting donations through cryptocurrency addresses is one of the favorite methods used by hackers these days, because crypto token transfers are not reversible.

Also, after displaying the error message, the Hypixel website redirects to a video on YouTube, for unknown reasons.

Hypixel team is already aware

The Hypixel team is already aware of the situation and is working to resolve it.

We are aware of the issues currently with the Hypixel website. We are not shutting down, neither is the Hypixel Studios. And we are working to resolve the issues.

Please keep an eye here for updates.

We will update this story once new events related to the matter arise in the future.

Update 1 (May 4)

09:15 am (IST): Hypixel support on Twitter has confirmed that the server issues have now been resolved.

Update: It is safe to join the server at this time. Issues have been resolved and there is no reason to believe any accounts were compromised. (Source)

10:29 am (IST): Some users are still reporting (1, 2) that they are unable to play Minecraft. Fortunately, there’s a workaround that involves flushing DNS cache and here’s a guide to do so.

Featured Image: Hypixel on LinkedIn

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