COD: Modern Warfare arrived in 2019 as a reboot of the successful Modern Warfare series. The games in the series are characterized by offering a realistic representation of a futuristic conflict.

COD: Modern Warfare (2019) was also the first game in the Call of Duty franchise to offer a cross-platform multiplayer mode. Crossplay is optional, so it can be turned off.

However, currently COD: Modern Warfare players on Xbox consoles are unable to find matches if crossplay is disabled (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

COD: Modern Warfare players cannot find matches on Xbox if crossplay is disabled

According to multiple reports, COD: Modern Warfare Xbox players cannot find any online matches when crossplay is disabled (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).


Disabled Crossplay causing me to not get into games?

I’ve looked it up a ton and everyone is saying that it just takes longer. But that can’t be the case. Me and my husband play nearly every night. On my Xbox, it’s perfectly fine. But on his series X, just starting last night, it won’t put him in a game unless cross play is on. We only ever play with it off. And it’s always fine. It won’t let him join my games, it says he’s on a different type of console even though he’s not. Idk wtf is going on.

Can’t find matches Xbox Series X

Searching and searching with no games found. Crossplay is off and obviously I’d like to keep it that way. It seems after the recent update this is happening. Any fix to this? Wtf is wrong with these devs?

The most recent COD: Modern Warfare update reportedly brought the issue.


This could be the reason for the recent multiplayer issues

It’s worth pointing out that, recently, some Modern Warfare players reported being unable to play online (go to update 33). However, at the time the reason was unknown.

After the emergence of this new information, it is possible that turning off crossplay could be the reason for not finding games. However, an official confirmation for this is still missing.

Modern Warfare console players do not want to activate crossplay

Many console players are reluctant to activate crossplay in multiplayer due to the many problems the option brings.

The main drawback of enabling crossplay is that PC players enter matches. PC players have many more advantages than console players (more precise controls, wider FOV, higher refresh rates, etc.).

Also, most cheaters come from PC due to the many tools they have. So, console players consider it unfair to face PC players with everything against them.

I wouldn’t mind playing on cross play if there weren’t cheaters on PC. Just last week I was like f it I’ll play CP. literally first game encountered a cheater killing everyone through walls.

There is still no official acknowledgment of the issue from COD: Modern Warfare developers. We will update this story once new developments emerge on the matter.

NOTE: You can also check the COD bugs/issues tracker.

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