[Updated] Overwatch 2 beta still not showing up for many after claiming Twitch drop, issue acknowledged

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Overwatch 2 is an upcoming shooting game developed and published by none other than Blizzard Entertainment. The title shares its environment with the first version of the game when it comes to PvP.

Apart from this, the second installment in the series will also feature a co-op PvE mode. Overwatch 2 also changes the team size from six to five and has completely reworked how tank characters work.


That said, Overwatch 2 developers started the beta testing a few days ago. Those interested can either sign up for the beta via the website or access it via Twitch drops.

All players have to do is link their Battle.net account to their Twitch account and watch some content from specific streamers. After players watch at least four hours of content from the list of streamers published by Blizzard, the drops will provide access to the beta version of the game.

But many are now saying they are getting an error message and not getting access to the beta even though they completed all the prerequisites (1,2,3,4,5).

Below are some reports from players who are unable to get access to Overwatch 2 beta even after claiming the Twitch drop.


Twitch drop and beta not working. It’s been like 6+ hrs for me and still nothing. I kept getting an error code and to try again after checking for updates. The actual game would even load because it was stuck trying to update. Uninstalled and nothing again. My account was connected both ways to twitch and everyone else got theirs I’m my group. This is annoying. It’s been claimed on my twitch acct but nothing else will happen.

Waited four hours to have a bugged client and beta that I cannot play. Thanks Blizzard. You guys must have really accounted for this with the superb help everyone is getting. It must be so great that the selected few are playing with no issue and that those who were guarenteed to play today are unable to :slight_smile: Outstanding start for OW2

Thankfully, a Blizzard Community manager shed some light on the matter and said they are aware of the issue where some players are unable to access Overwatch 2 beta after claiming their Twitch drop.


Also, we came across a workaround that seems to be helping some. It involves making sure your Battle.net account is connected to your Twitch account in Battle.net settings.

For people who can’t install Overwatch 2 beta despite getting the drop reward: READ Try going to Battle.net on a browser. Log into your account and go to account settings. Then go to connections. Make sure your twitch account is connected. Mine wasn’t despite having my account connected from Twitch. This may work! Hope this helps!

We hope Blizzard sorts out the Overwatch 2 beta issue with Twitch drop as soon as possible. If and when they do, we will be updating this space to reflect the same so stay tuned for updates.

Update 1 (April 29)

11:13 am (IST): In order to download the game Overwatch team says that players will have to link their Battle.net accounts to Twitch on both ends.

You’ll have to connect your Battle.net account on Twitch. And then sign in to the Battle.net account and link your Twitch account to it as well. After doing this, players will be able to download the game.

06:46 pm (IST): If you didn’t get a free key to Overwatch 2 durante el Twitch evento, then there’s another chance to get one.

The Overwatch League will give away 1,500 keys each hour during the opening weekend of season 5. More on that here.

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