COD: Warzone received its Season 3 update recently. Although the update brought new content and improvements, it also brought some issues.

However, there are issues that have been around for a while, but are getting more and more intense. One of those problems is related to the crossplay feature (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Many COD: Warzone console players have been facing a bad experience with crossplay as it also includes PC players in matches. So, many demand a console-only matchmaking option.

COD: Warzone crossplay favors PC players over console players

As in any shooter game, the keyboard + mouse combination offers a clear advantage over playing with a controller. The keyboard and mouse allow you to access key combinations faster, aim more precisely, etc.

Also, PC players often have many more settings available that directly impact the gaming experience. For instance, Warzone PC players can have a wider FOV (Field of View) than console players.

So, mixing PC and console players in COD: Warzone matches puts the latter at a clear disadvantage. This situation is frustrating many players who no longer find it fun to play like this (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).


Turn off crossplay ‼️ It’s very unfair what’s happening with the CONSOLES community 😡 At least there should be a balance in gameplay between both, but it’s not what has happened for a long time. It’s time to close the “loob” just for (consoles) and separate from the PC community.

@RavenSoftware @activision @callofduty @xboxsupport Warzone is a PC game. PC players have all the advantages (FOV, higher FPS, better audio, can see further and more clear, and more) Please 🙏 separate PC and console lobbies to give us console players an even playing field!!!

Xbox players especially affected, they cannot disable crossplay

It’s worth pointing out that Xbox players could be the most affected by the crossplay-related issues. This is because COD: Warzone on Xbox does not allow them to disable crossplay.


@RavenSoftware so there’s still no crossplay off option for Xbox. Why? Is it that hard?

PlayStation players can disable crossplay, but it doesn’t always work

While COD: Warzone players on PlayStation are able to disable crossplay, it appears that the new update ‘broke’ this option.

According to reports, crossplay remains permanently activated for many PlayStation players even if they have deactivated the option. So, they keep finding PC players in their matches.


Crossplay off is broken?

Hello fellow ps4/ps5 players. Me and some friends play warzone almost every night. Since we are all playing on playstation we play with crossplay disabled since the beginning of warzone.

There was never a problem with it until like one week ago.

We track our games over wzstats and it seems like we get put into crossplay lobbys for the past week since there are multiple pc or xbox players in every Lobby we track.

COD: Warzone console players demand console-only matchmaking option

Based on the foregoing, many COD: Warzone console players are asking developers to include a console-only matchmaking option for crossplay.


@Activision @CallofDuty @RavenSoftware @BeenoxTeam @Xbox @PlayStationUK can you please give warzone a console only crossplay option in the next game. And let the p.c players hash it out. Please. I play on series x and we can’t play warzone unless we have it on!

As to whether COD: Warzone developers will include the console-only matchmaking option in the future, only time will tell. At the moment, they have not officially commented on the player complaints.

We will update this story once new developments related to the topic arise.

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