Google Voice app users unable to hear caller's voice when receiving calls on iPhones

Google Voice is one of the most popular telecommunications services available. It allows its users to have one global number for all of their phones.

The service is currently available in the United States. Also, the Google Voice app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

That said, Google Voice app users on iPhones are facing an issue when receiving calls where they are unable to hear caller’s voice (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Google Voice app users unable to hear caller’s voice when receiving calls

According to multiple reports, the issue in question only affects calls received. There doesn’t seem to be any problem on outgoing calls.


When affected users answer a call via the Google Voice app, they reportedly cannot hear any sound. The problem could be on Google’s side, since not even a complete reinstallation of the app solves it.

Bug with answering calls

I’m having a problem where if you answer a call on Google Voice, you don’t hear any audio. I’ve tried restarting my phone, and I’ve also tried deleting and reinstalling the Google Voice app. And the app just updated today. Can someone please help? I use Google Voice a lot.

I can answer call, but I cannot hear the caller.

My wife and I share a Google Voice number. There have been several calls today where if I answer, the person can hear me, but I hear nothing. If my wife answers on her phone, everything works fine. But if my wife calls GV from her cell and I answer, we do have the problem. If I call her from GV, we have the problem. If we call each other from our cell phones directly, there are no problems.

The issue reportedly only occurs on iPhones

The vast majority of reports indicate that the issue occurs on iPhones. Some users report that they have tried the service on an Android phone and everything worked normally.


Can’t hear caller on iPhone app

For the last month or so I have not been able to hear a caller when answering a google voice call via the app on my iPhone. Prior to that I have not had any issues in almost 2 years. We tried using my husbands Samsung android phone and he can answer calls just fine. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but that did not help. Any advice?

Also, the glitch reportedly occurs if the iPhone has a lock screen set. So, disabling automatic screen locking could be a potential workaround, but this negatively impacts device security.

After a little bit more experiment, I have discovered that this problem occurs more often if my iPhone screen is locked. After disabling automatic screen locking in the setting on my phone, the problem seems to be gone now.

There is no official acknowledgment on the issue from the Google Voice team yet, but we will update this story once new details about the matter emerge.

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