[Updated] Growtopia login or connectivity issue acknowledged, support confirms devs looking into it

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Growtopia is a popular 2D perspective sandbox MMO game that has been available for almost a decade. Since its initial release, the game has built a strong community of active players.

Through the worlds of Growtopia you can create, cultivate, meet and chat with friends, trade, and even fight. It is a game full of possibilities that powers the creativity of the players to the fullest.

It is similar to other games of the same genre like Terraria and the successful Minecraft. Even so, the Growtopia community is quite faithful and they have been active on a daily basis for a long time.

That said, currently many Growtopia players are facing a severe login or connectivity issue that prevents them from accessing the game. In addition, it seems that the situation has become common in recent days.

Growtopia players facing a login or connectivity issue

According to multiple reports, many players are unable to access the game due to the login or connectivity issue that Growtopia is experiencing.


I can log in with my other acc with ID and 2 acc’s without one (PC+phone), but it says the same thing, login failed, when I try to log in on my main. Yikes.

why can’t i login? it says ipban, I just played then I was invited by my friend to play in the world and at ACC and I was told to change my name with the name of my OwnerTeamgo player free fire.

Currently, only players who accessed the game before the issue in question began can enjoy the game.

Server and login issues reportedly have been common in the last few days

In addition, it seems the situation has become commonplace in recent days. There are many reports about Growtopia login or connectivity issues published in the last few days or weeks.


Many update, but nothing has changed. Server still lag, still many bot/auto. Ban account is not change anything. Please do a serious punishment to cheat/mod creator.

Regarding the most recent Growtopia login issues, some reports suggest that it all started after the latest update.

Wthell is wrong with this game. I can’t login after the update it’s says “login failed” and i keep trying but it’s still cannot login wtheheck.

Developers already aware and investigating

Growtopia developers are already aware of the issue in question and are looking into it. However, there is no word yet on an ETA to get things back to normal.

Hey Growtopians,

We are aware of the current connectivity issues and the team is currently looking into it. We will keep you updated!

~ Hufflewitz

We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (April 25)

01:39 pm (IST): Many Growtopia players are again reporting login issues with the game. Unfortunately, the support hasn’t yet acknowledged this issue.

Wtf i cant log in growtopia what is going on (Source)

@growtopiagame I can’t login Is Growtopia down right now? (Source)

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