[Update: Issues after 1.18.30 update] Some Minecraft players unable to connect to Realms or upload worlds, issues get acknowledged

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Original story (published on August 16, 2021) follows:

Realms on Minecraft are personal multiplayer servers that are run by Minecraft just for peeps you wish to share your world with. The world within is online and accessible even after logging out.

Only invited people can join your world and what one does in them is totally up to the players. Players within can create what they want, survive together, or compete against each other.

Unfortunately, there have been several complaints from Minecraft players recently saying that they’re unable to connect to Realms at all, thus preventing them from doing anything on their worlds entirely.


I have had issues in the past with realms not working but now I am getting a “we could not connect to realms right now. We will try again soon” I tried restarting and it is not working. Help please?

Why isnt realms connecting i exited out and restarted it and it still says we cant connect to realms and i signed out on ios and signed in again on ios and its still not there.

Players are running into several errors including “Failed attempting to join Realm. Please try again later”, “We could not connect to Realms right now. We will try again soon”, and “Unable to connect to Realms” upon trying to perform a variety of stuff.

This includes trying to join a Realm, building terrain, or creating a new Realm, among other things. It seems to be affecting all platforms.

Whatever the problem, Mojang Status on Twitter has already acknowledged the issues where players are running into trouble when trying to connect to Realms on Minecraft saying that the matter is being investigated.


This acknowledgment was issued on August 12 though, and four days later, complaints are still flowing in. Thus, it seems that little progress has been made.

Unable to upload worlds to Minecraft Realms

The above isn’t the only problem on Realms though.

You see, one can also upload their own maps to a Realm of up to 5GB in size. This can be done by creating a new world using the template and uploading it.

The uploaded world template can then be used from the Minecraft Marketplace on mobile devices, Windows, or consoles.


I’ve been having problems for days trying to upload a world to my realm. On Switch if it matters. It keeps saying I’m having internet issues, but everything else is fine and I’ve tried different internet.

This function has seemingly been broken for several players as well, who say that they’re unable to upload their own maps/worlds to a Realm.

But just like the issue where players are unable to connect to Minecraft Realms, the world upload problem has been acknowledged as well:


Mojang Support says that the team is currently working on a fix that should be applied soon. Thus, all one got to do now is wait.

Update 1 (April 23)

09:58 am (IST): Many Minecraft players are now reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that they are unable to connect to the realm.

The admin of the realm already updated the realm but no one of us is able to join, not even him (Source)

Hey @Minecraft @MojangSupport I need help. I can’t play in my realm. I updated the game, reset my Xbox and nothing (Source)

hello it’s disconnecting me from the realm after a while and I don’t know how to solve it (Source)

Fortunately, Mojang support on Twitter has acknowledged this issue and said that the team is working on a fix. Moreover, players can check the status of this bug here.

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