H&R Block is an American company dedicated to tax preparation. That is, you can leave your personal information in their hands and they will determine what taxes you must pay and the best way to do it.

H&R Block is ideal for those people who do not want to spend hours of their day calculating taxes to pay. It also offers assistance with things like extensions to avoid additional charges.

That said, currently, the H&R Block web platform is experiencing some severe issues that do not allow users to access it.

More specifically, the H&R Block website captcha verification is not working or loading, in addition to the general website experiencing erratic behavior.

H&R Block website issues, captcha not working or loading

According to multiple reports, the H&R Block website’s captcha verification system is not allowing users to log in as it never finishes loading correctly.


Captcha Issues

Hello is anyone else having the issue where the captcha image is not appearing when e filing. Any work arounds?

H&R Block Website Down? Unable to E-file.


Is the website down or experiencing significant issues for anyone else? Everything is incredibly slow and takes multiple minutes to load. I am unable to file. The final Captcha security check does not load, or if it does it has timed out by then and fails the security check. I have already been charged by H&R Block, but they have not even attempted to submit my return.

In addition to the above, the H&R Block website occasionally experiences general issues that seem server-related such as slow loading times, stuck loading screens, freezing and more.


To clarifiy, the web browser is loading “fine”, but the “loading” pages within HRB’s website just spin for ridiculously long times. I often have to reload the page (and retrace some of my work) to get a page to load.

I am attempting to contact H&R Block support, but have a bit of a wait.

H&R Block’s website does not load properly and keeps timing out. I am unable to file or even attempt to send for e-file because of this. Yet, H&R Block has already charged me.

Official acknowledgment

The H&R Block team is aware of the captcha related issue and is already working on resolving it. However, there is still no official acknowledgment about the slow performance of the website.

I am sorry for this delay and the frustration it is causing. Captcha is down, please try again later. Thank you for your patience. -Tamara

We will update this story once new details emerge regarding the matter.

Featured Image: H&R Block

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