FromSoftware released Elden Ring this year as their latest ‘Souls Like’ game. It has been available since February on multiple consoles and platforms.

Elden Ring shares many typical gameplay mechanics with the company’s other games. FromSoftware is the same company behind games like Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro.

FromSoftware games usually have a place where the player can rest and save the game. In Elden Ring, these points are called ‘Site of Grace’.

However, many players are currently facing an issue where messages left by other players over collectible and interactable items (such as the Site of Grace) block access (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

Site of Grace blocked by Elden Ring messages from other players

Another common mechanic with FromSoftware games is the ability to leave messages for other players on the map. These messages can serve as warnings of impending danger, although some players use them for trolling others.

Apparently, there is a glitch with Elden Ring messages where they block collectable items and interactable items they are placed on.


Anyone else feel like people shouldnt be able to put messages on top of collectable items and interactables?

I just completed the loretta fight in miquellas haligtree, and the site of grace here is literally unusable because of overlapping messages. There is no switch action option, which is obviously not supposed to happen, but realistically why do they even let people put messages on sites of grace?.

The issue is especially frustrating when it occurs in Elden Ring Site of Grace places, as the player is unable to interact with it.

Really hating on people leaving messages covering interactables right now.

I’ve been saving up my Runes since I reached level 150, just to see how many I could accumulate. I just reached the Haligtree Town, and I had 5.3m runes. Had, yes. I died, and while killing some of the misbegotten aggroed one of the big ones with those greatswords. I was low on health from my previous fight and couldn’t really get the time to heal. So I figured I’d run to the site of grace. You betcha, a message on the grace that takes priority over the grace. So I die trying to activate the site of grace.

Some potential workarounds

At the moment, there is no official acknowledgment of the issue from the developers. However, there are some potential workarounds that reportedly help mitigate it.

First, it looks like you can walk around the Site of Grace until the option to rest appears.

The massage cannot hide the site of grace fully. There is a bug when the grace is slightly displaced from its visual position. Try walking around the grace until the option to rest will appear. Massages are usually useful (and fun) and I don’t think it worth turning them off.

Alternatively, you can also try the following:

Quit and reload – and immediately rest before messages are loaded in (or reload offline).

And, to definitely prevent those messages from appearing over your Site of Grace places, you can turn off online mode.

We will update this story if new developments emerge on the subject.

Featured Image: Bandai Namco

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