Plex users troubled by broken fast-forward or rewind function (video buffers or skips to start), but there're some workarounds

Plex has been available since 2008 as a multimedia platform full of vast possibilities. Today, the service allows users to set up a media center at home.

Plex app allows you to stream content stored on your main device to all other compatible devices connected to the network. Everything can be done easily and without many complications.

Plex Media Player includes some useful features to make it easy to enjoy multimedia content. For instance, you’ll find the classic playback controls throughout its UI.

The Plex app playback controls include the fast-forward or rewind function, but this is currently presenting issues as the video buffers or skips to start.

Plex broken fast-forward or rewind function as the video buffers or skips to start

According to multiple reports, when Plex users try to use the fast-forward or rewind function, the playing video often speeds up or is sometimes skipped.


In other cases, Plex’s fast-forward function causes the screen to get stuck in infinite buffering.

Plex Infinite Buffering when trying to fast forward on Shield 2019 with Wired Gigabit and Direct Play on 4K Dolby Atmos File

I have a 4K HEVC file with dolby atmos track that plex shows is being direct played on a 2019 shield that is wired to gig ethernet playing from a local NAS that can push upwards off 500MB/s and resuming and or fast forwarding results in infinite buffering. Newest Version

Skip-back function reportedly affected as well

Plex skip-back function is also presenting issues for some users, as the video actually jumps forward.

Plex on Shield skip back not working correctly

Trying to use the skip back 10 seconds feature and it actually jumps forward. While watching a movie last night I paused it and the screen saver came on, when I pressed a button on the remote and the picture came back it was different, so I tried to skip back 10 seconds and it actually jumped forward like 30 minutes. Any one else now having this issue?

A couple of potential workarounds

That said, there are a couple of potential workarounds that reportedly help resolve the issue. First, you can try to clear the Plex app cache on the device where you have it installed.

Try clearing Plex’s cache on the Google TV Chromecast.

I started facing the exact same issue recently on my Chromecast and clearing the cache somehow fixed it.


Also, you can try turning off the ‘Adjust Automatically’ function:

Today while in the plex app in my fire stick, I turned off the option for “Adjust Automatically” and now I can skip around anywhere in my shows and it works fine. I am also using the high contrast theme with modern layout.

To change the ‘Adjust Automatically’ option, you should follow this path: Settings > Video Quality > Adjust Automatically: Off.

There is no official acknowledgment on the issue from Plex team yet. We will update this story once new details emerge.

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