[Updated] Google Chrome Tabs not auto maximizing or snapping to full size when dragging out of full-size window after v100 update

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. It is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

From time to time, Google Chrome receives new updates with new features, improvements and fixes for issues from previous versions.

Recently, Google Chrome received its v100 stable update. However, it seems that the update also brought some issues that negatively impact the user experience.

According to multiple reports, Google Chrome v100 update causes an issue with Tabs not auto maximizing or snapping to full size when dragging them out to create a new window (1, 2, 3).

Google Chrome Tabs not auto maximizing when dragging out to turn them into windows

Normally, Google Chrome allows you to drag a tab to the center of the screen (or to a second monitor) to turn it into a new window. In this case, the new window automatically maximizes.

However, it seems that this behavior changed after the most recent v100 update. Now, Google Chrome Tabs are not auto maximizing when dragging them to make them a new Chrome window.

Instead of being maximized, dragged Tabs just stay in the center of the screen, and they will only become a new maximized Window if you drag them directly to the top of the screen.


Dragging tab to monitor

When I would drag a chrome tab to a different monitor, I used to be able to just drag it anywhere on the screen and it would then fill the screen automatically. But now when I drag it over, it just stays where I drag it, and then I have to drag it to the top of the screen to maximize. How do I change it back to filling the screen automatically? Thanks!

Dragging a Tab to Create a New Window No Longer Auto Maximizes

If I have two tabs open, before Chrome 100, I could drag one tab towards the center of the screen to create a new window that would automatically maximize itself. Now, the tab just freezes where I dropped it, in a smaller window.

How do I change this back?

No official acknowledgment yet

There is still no official acknowledgment on the issue from Google. Therefore, it is not known if the new behavior is the one expected after the update or if it is a glitch.

There is also no workaround yet to help resolve the issue on Google Chrome v100. At the moment, the only thing you can do is downgrading to the previous version of the browser.

We will update this story once new related details emerge.

Update 1 (April 16)

04:20 pm (IST): One of the affected users suggested a Chrome extension that resolves this issue. So this can be a potential solution users can try until devs fix it.

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