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With more than 350 million registered players worldwide, Fortnite is one of the most famous video games of all time. Developed and published by Epic Games, the title is frequently updated with new content and cosmetics.

But in the last few days, players have reported various technical glitches such as the controller constantly vibrating after leaving boat and Resistance quests not showing up.

Fortnite players unable to slide when tactical sprinting

And now, Fortnite players are saying they are unable to slide when tactical sprinting. Many say they are used to sliding when nearing the end of a sprint and that the problem is affecting their gameplay negatively.

Some say they thought it was because of messed-up key binds and tried resetting the game to default settings and reinstalling the game but nothing seems to help.


After the newest update I am unable to slide while using tactical sprint. I am on PC using keyboard and mouse. The clip shows what happens when I try to slide while tactical sprinting Clip. does anyone know a workaround or fix for this?

Unsure if related to the update, or an accidental press on some settings, but I am unable to sprint into a slide. I can, if i turn on toggle sprint, sprint into a slide. I can run(not sprint) normally into a slide. but with hold to sprint, when i’m sprinting, with enough energy, when i press crouch to slide, my character flickers for a second and cuts to his animation of pulling his weapon out. When typing, my shift key works properly, sticky keys is disabled. Same goes for my control button, i can copy paste no issue.

While Fortnite developers are yet to comment on the matter, we came across a workaround that might help fix the problem. It involves enabling the ‘toggle sprint on’ in game settings.

It’s a bug. A workaround for now is to have toggle sprint on. Something about mutliple inputs (run + crouch/slide) that makes it not work. Got used to it within the first few games, don’t even think about it now.

Tactical Sprint cancels build

Apart from the aforementioned issue, Fortnite players are complaining that their build gets canceled when using Tactical Sprint. It looks like the game brings out the gun whenever players trigger the mechanism.


When you have building active, after tactical sprinting it brings your gun back out rather than your building. I believe if you have your build out after tactical sprinting with you still have your build out. Since after tactical sprinting it brings your gun back out you must take your build back out first to start building again. Is there a way to change this or is this a bug? Maybe this is only my preference as well so if a setting could be added to allow for this as an option that would be great.

It’s nice and all but playing creative with it is scary because it cancels your building so if you are cranking for height you can suddenly just fall off or get out cranked. It’s also annoying when trying to reload guns because I reload while I’m auto running but if I accidentally press the button then I have to reload again. (Nintendo Switch By the Way)

Once again, Fortnite developers are yet to acknowledge the problem. We hope the developers take a look at the aforementioned issues and fix them in the coming days.

If and when they do, we will update this space to let you know so stay tuned. Also, be sure to check out our dedicated Fortnite bug tracker to see similar issues affecting players.

Update 1 (April 14)

09:32 am (IST): Fortnite on its official Trello board has acknowledged this issue and said that a fix for the same will arrive in the next game update.

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