TikTok is currently the most widely used multimedia platform based on short videos. But other services like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are trying to take some of TikTok’s market.

Much of TikTok’s success is thanks to its content creators. And similar to platforms like YouTube, TikTok has a dedicated page for creators to view their video analytics (views and interactions).

However, according to multiple reports, TikTok video analytics are currently bugged as they haven’t been updated for a few days.

TikTok video analytics not updating or bugged for some days

TikTok video analytics are useful for creators to see how they are progressing on the platform. This way, they can make necessary changes (if required) to improve their stats.

However, TikTok content creators have been facing an issue where video analytics are not updating. Apparently, new views from the past week or so are not being registered.


My TikTok video analytics have shown up, but for some reason they’re not updating. It’s been 3 days and my videos analytics are still way behind the current stats they should be at. One video says the reached audience is 500k people, even though it’s grown to 950k views in the past few days with way more likes and comments. Hopefully they fix it soon.

is anyone else having issues with their analytics?

i’ve gotten around 200k views on my videos in the past couple of days, but the analytics aren’t reflecting that. this concerns me because i’m also being paid less than i should be through the creator fund.

does anyone know what’s wrong? is it a bug?

The issue in question also negatively impacts notifications for video interactions.

My notifications are all messed up too. Not only analytics. I keep getting single like notifications on the same video, instead of them bunching them up for one video. And now i’m not getting any notifications about my likes, but i can see the video going up in likes?

The issue reportedly will not affect the payment to monetized accounts

The issue has some creators with monetized accounts concerned about whether it will impact their payout. However, some suggest that payments from the TikTok Creators Fund will not be affected.

Pay is calculated 3 days after the views are recieved. The analytics are completely separate to the creator fund. Tiktok doesn’t use its in analytics system to calculate pay because it barely works. Hence why you are having problems.

There is no official acknowledgment on the issue from the TikTok team yet. We will update this story as events unfold.

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