[Update: Apr. 5] SharePlay or screen share on FaceTime feature not working after iOS 15 update? Here's what you need to know

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The stable iOS 15 update came out pretty recently and it offers a bunch of new features and improvements. While the latest iOS update is all about enhancing the user experience, Apple users are not quite happy with it.

As per multiple reports, the SharePlay or screen share on FaceTime feature is not working after the iOS 15 update. This is inconveniencing many as they have been waiting for this handy feature update to FaceTime for quite some time.

@AppleSupport – Why don’t I see screen share in Facetime on IOS15? Was this feature removed?

right cause i was using screen sharing during the beta and now i update and the shit ain’t there


The SharePlay feature basically allows users to share their screen, watch TV shows and movies, and listen to music with their friends over a FaceTime call.

This feature was first introduced during the WWDC 2021 event and was slated to come out with iOS 15 been those who have been patiently waiting for this feature are unable to use it after the latest iOS update.

However, there appears to be a reason behind why the SharePlay feature is not working for Apple users after the iOS 15 update.


While Apple users with iOS 15 running devices will be able to use the SharePlay feature, they will have to wait for some time before it finally gets enabled on their device.

Apple Support has said that the SharePlay or screen share on FaceTime feature will not be available to users until later this fall. The same has also been mentioned in the official iOS 15 features list.

It is, however, unclear as to why the feature has not been enabled because Apple Support has not provided any specific reasons for the same.

We know how exciting the new iOS 15 features are, and we’re happy to help! SharePlay will be available later this fall.


Thus there is still some time before Apple users can enjoy music, movies, TV shows, and much more with their friends over a FaceTime call.

It is possible that Apple might enable the SharePlay feature on iOS 15 with the release of macOS Monterey. However, this is still based on speculation as the Cupertino giant has not shared any details regarding the same.

However, Apple users with iOS 15 running devices can take comfort in knowing that they will be able to use SharePlay before the end of 2021.


That said, we will keep tracking this for further development and will report back as and when we get new information to share so stay tuned.

In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on our dedicated iOS 15 update tracker to get the latest updates on the topic.

Update 1 (September 22)

09:59 am (IST): Apple dropped the first iOS 15.1 betas today for developers and, lo and behold, the much-anticipated SharePlay feature has reportedly been re-enabled suggesting that we can see it go live for the public sooner rather than later.

Update 2 (September 23)

09:44 am (IST): The Cupertino tech giant has now dropped a new public beta update for macOS Monterey but it too misses out on the SharePlay feature as noted here.

Update 3 (September 25)

12:05 pm (IST): An individual on Twitter has shared an interesting insight into the situation. Here’s what they have to say:


Do note that this is just speculation and the official information shared by Apple just says that we can expect the feature later this fall.

Update 4 (September 27)

09:51 am (IST): As highlighted by a report, Apple might be planning to release a new software update soon. However, this update might just be a minor patch to address a few bugs rather than enable SharePlay.

Update 5 (September 28)

10:55 am (IST): In case you were wondering whether it’s possible to have one device on iOS 15.1 and then use the SharePlay feature to connect with devices running on iOS 15, well, unfortunately, that’s not possible, as highlighted by an individual on YouTube.

Update 6 (September 29)

10:55 am (IST): Reports coming in now indicate that Apple is seeding out tvOS 15.1 beta 2 to developers. What’s new in this build you ask? Well, this finally adds SharePlay support.

Update 7 (September 30)

10:10 am (IST): Reports from users on iOS 15.1 beta now indicate that there is a bug with the SharePlay feature. According to affected users, the camera of both you and the person you are FaceTiming gets stuck in the square size.

Hey everybody, I’m on the iOS 15.1 beta and found that after you stop sharing your screen with SharePlay the camera of both you and the person you are FaceTiming tension in the square size, they don’t go back to full screen.

Has anybody else experienced this? Maybe i’m missing something or maybe this is a bug.

Update 8 (October 01)

06:10 pm (IST): Brandon Butch — a popular YouTuber — claims that the SharePlay feature on iOS 15.1 beta 2 is a lot more stable than it builds prior to the iOS 15 stable update where it had been removed.

Update 9 (October 02)

09:27 am (IST): Apple has rolled out the iOS 15.0.1 update, however, there’s no reason to get your hopes up as it only brings a fix for the bug which prevented users from unlocking their iPhone 13 devices and more with the Apple Watch. SharePlay hasn’t been enabled.

Update 10 (October 04)

09:50 am (IST): Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in his latest newsletter stated that Spotify is preparing to bring SharePlay support for iOS 15.

Spotify prepares SharePlay support for iOS 15. Spotify has complained numerous times about Apple’s policies, issues with its Apple Watch app and app rejections. But that’s not stopping the Sweden-based music service from gearing up for Apple’s latest features. (Source)

Update 11 (October 07)

12:39 pm (IST): Apple has just announced the iOS 15.1 beta 3 update. However, the changelog makes no mention of the availability of SharePlay.

Similarly, there does not seem to be any improvements or added features/functions to SharePlay with this iOS 15.1 beta 3 update.

Update 12 (October 09)

03:50 pm (IST): Apple applied for a patent which reveals that the company is working on the next generation of SharePlay for AR that could also be used with their future Mixed Reality headset.

This suggests that Apple is likely to introduce an AR version of SharePlay in the near future. For more details, head here.

Update 13 (October 12)

10:05 am (IST): Apple released the latest iOS 15.0.2 update and still there is no mention of SharePlay in the changelog.

Update 14 (October 14)

10:53 am (IST): iOS 15.1 beta 4 has just been released to developers but there are no noticeable improvements to SharePlay with no word on when we can expect the feature to go live.

Update 15 (October 16)

Recent reports suggested that iOS 15.1 will be landing during the week of October 25 which would have meant that SharePlay would become available to all on the same day.

Unfortunately though, fresh developments in the matter point towards the info being spoofed and false.

Update 16 (October 18)

Apple has reportedly filed Trademarks for a bunch of its services including Xcode Cloud, SharePlay, Memories and a series of Apple Music Radio Stations.

shareplay patent

What this means for the availability of SharePlay remains to be seen.

Update 17 (October 19)

Apple is set to unveil iOS 15.1 along with macOS Monterey on the week of October 25. As such, users can expect to get the SharePlay feature too by then.

Update 18 (October 20)

Well finally, Apple is seeding out iOS 15.1 Release Candidate to developers, an update that enables SharePlay feature. More on that here.

shareplay enabled

Update 19 (October 21)

11:20 am (IST): Developers are getting RC versions of tvOS 15.1. With tvOS 15.1 beta, Apple re-enabled SharePlay testing, something that was expected for a long time.

SharePlay allows users to make FaceTime calls while watching movies, series, or listening to music. At the moment, tvOS 15.1 RC is a closed beta for developers. A public beta is expected to be available soon.

Update 20 (October 23)

05:36 pm (IST): iOS 15.1 is about to drop in the next couple of days. So if you’re excited to check out SharePlay but still don’t have an idea about all the features and how to use it, then check out this video that explains everything.

Update 21 (October 25)

03:20 pm (IST): Apple is expected to drop the iOS 15.1 update in the next few hours to the public which will bring SharePlay support amongst other features and bug fixes.

That said, it seems app developers are gearing up for the release by updating their apps with support for the new feature. The Mockup app team took to Twitter to confirm that the new update brings SharePlay support.

Mockup 2.4 is HERE!!🤩🤩

Yep, we’re introducing SharePlay Support to our app!

You can now brainstorm and share concepts together, with your colleagues or clients, by sketching collaboratively in a constructive environment over FaceTime.🙌🙌 (Source)

Update 22 (October 26)

09:20 am (IST): iOS 15.1 has officially been announced and as the build rolls out to eligible devices, it is clear that SharePlay is also here.

In the release notes, Apple had this to say about SharePlay.


– SharePlay is a new way to share synchronized experiences in FaceTime with content from the Apple TV app, Apple Music, Fitness+, and other supported App Store apps
-Shared controls give everyone the ability to pause, play, rewind or fast forward
– Smart volume automatically lowers the audio of a movie, TV show or song when your friends speak
– Apple TV supports the option to watch the shared video on your big screen while you continue the FaceTime call on iPhone
– Screen sharing lets everyone on a FaceTime call look at photos, browse the web, or help each other out

Update 23 (October 27)

09:20 pm (IST): Apollo For Reddit received a big update that integrates Shareplay. However, it also brought some problems.

Many users report that there is an annoying persistent prompt issue related to SharePlay.

Right now, i’m looking to perhaps add a prompt where you can disable SharePlay for the current session and it won’t prompt you anymore.

The developer is already aware and is working on a solution for future updates.

Update 24 (October 28)

03:11 pm (IST): Apple dropped the iOS 15.2 beta update today with App Privacy Report and improved Notification Summary but there are no further improvements or additions to SharePlay.

Update 25 (October 29)

01:48 pm (IST): Apple dropped the macOS Monterey 12.1 Beta update a day ago and it finally brings SharePlay to Macs, as highlighted by a report.

Update 26 (October 30)

04:33 pm (IST): Apple shared an official video guide on how to use SharePlay on iPhone or iPad running iOS 15.1 or later. Check out the video linked below.

Update 27 (November 01)

05:05 pm (IST): The folks over at iMore have published a list of applications that currently support SharePlay. So in case you’re wondering which apps can make use of the feature, then check out the list here.

Update 28 (November 04)

03:50 pm (IST): In case you weren’t aware, you won’t be able to SharePlay certain movies or TV shows due to geo-restrictions.

Hence, if you were wondering why you’re unable to SharePlay content with someone from another country, now you know why.

Apple confirmed the same in its official guide for SharePlay:

Some movies and TV shows may not be available to SharePlay across different countries or regions. FaceTime, some FaceTime features, and other Apple services may not be available in all countries or regions. (Source)

Update 29 (November 05)

11:34 am (IST): Paramount+ Premium subscribers can now use the SharePlay feature to watch content on the streaming platform with their family and friends. More on that here.

paramount+ shareplay

Update 30 (November 06)

04:21 pm (IST): The popular learning or educational app Kahoot has picked up support for SharePlay too.

Ok, so take your best ever FaceTime call, and then multiply it by, oh, say 1,000

That’s how much fun you can have if you play Kahoot! through SharePlay, FaceTime’s awesome new screenshare feature (Source)

Update 31 (November 12)

04:00 pm (IST): The second macOS 12.1 beta update retains the SharePlay feature that allows users to share their screens over Facetime, as highlighted by a recent report.

Update 32 (November 16)

04:30 pm (IST): TikTok has now replaced the ‘For You’ page while on a FaceTime call via SharePlay with a page called ‘For Us’, as highlighted by a recent report.

Update 33 (November 18)

04:51 pm (IST): Apple dropped the iOS 15.1.1 update yesterday but if you were looking forward to new SharePlay features or improvements, you’d be disappointed. The new update notes have no mention of improvements or additions to the feature.

Update 34 (November 19)

11:03 am (IST): Spotify now supports Shareplay on the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

shareplay on ios 15 spotify

Update 35 (November 22)

02:05 pm (IST): In a recent press release, Apple came out to showcase the growing number of third-party apps that now support the SharePlay feature such as NBA, Paramount+, SHOWTIME, TikTok, and more.

Update 36 (November 23)

12:53 pm (IST): With the ever-growing list of apps gaining SharePlay support, it’s hard to keep track of which apps make use of the feature. That said, here’s another big list of apps that support SharePlay.

Update 37 (November 24)

04:31 pm (IST): PDF Expert is another app that has picked up support for SharePlay as highlighted in an official blog post.

Update 38 (November 29)

04:10 pm (IST): Binge support responded to a user’s tweet regarding support for SharePlay in the app by stating that it’s not on the roadmap for them. However, the request will be forwarded to the team.

It’s not on the roadmap at this time but we’ll forward your interest on to the team to see if this is something we can support in future. Keep a look out for any updates! (Source)

It’s good to see more app developers considering adding support for SharePlay.

Update 39 (December 01)

03:55 (IST): Twitch users will be pleased to know that the app finally has SharePlay support as highlighted by an official announcement on Twitter.

Update 40 (December 03)

03:35 (IST): The iOS 15.2 beta 4 update is live for developers and the public. Unfortunately, there’s nothing related to SharePlay to unpack. There are no apparent improvements or new features.

Update 41 (December 04)

05:07 (IST): Responding to a user’s complaint regarding the SharePlay banner that pops up every time any media is played while on a FaceTime call, Apple support suggested disabling the feature altogether or sharing feedback regarding the experience.

If you wish to disable the SharePlay feature, you can do so by going to Settings > FaceTime > SharePlay. Otherwise, we suggest that you send in feedback on this here: http://apple.co/Feedback Have a great rest of your day! (Source)

So if you’re someone who dislikes the SharePlay banner that keeps popping up, you can get your voice heard by sharing feedback. This does not mean a change will be implemented right away, but the chances of a slight tweak making its way over in a future build can be higher.

Update 42 (December 06)

01:23 (IST): macOS 12 users who’re waiting for the SharePlay update with macOS 12.1 may find some solace knowing that the update may just be around the corner and should go live in the next couple of weeks as highlighted by a report.

Update 43 (December 07)

06:48 (IST): A developer has created a new SharePlay app called Navi that adds subtitles and realtime translation to FaceTime. You can join the waiting list by registering here.

Navi adds subtitles and live translation to FaceTime, and… it’s coming out in 10 days! (Crossed fingers)

I had a nice chat with my sister to show you why I think it’s pretty cool!

Sign up to get a reminder when it launches at http://navi.goodsnooze.com (Source)

Update 44 (December 09)

06:35 pm (IST): Apple has seeded the macOS 12.1 Release Candidate update and it enables SharePlay support. Therefore, every macOS Monterey users will get to use the new feature once the stable version goes live.

Update 45 (December 11)

12:40 pm (IST): As highlighted by reports iOS 15.2 RC update is out but the changelog has no mention of any improvements or bug fixes for SharePlay.

Update 46 (December 13)

12:00 pm (IST): Apple released the stable macOS 12.1 update and while it brings several new features in SharePlay, the changelog does not mention any bug fixes.

Update 47 (December 16)

03:28 pm (IST): The latest Disney+ update brings SharePlay support for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. Moreover, users should have tvOS 15.1, iOS 15.1 or iPadOS 15.1 or later on their devices in order to use this feature. Details here.

Update 48 (December 22)

02:40 pm (IST): Zillow — the online real estate marketplace app — has now jumped on board the SharePlay bandwagon too as it has announced that the app “is now a group sport with SharePlay on iPhone and iPad.”

Update 49 (December 24)

05:15 pm (IST): Yet another app has picked up support for SharePlay. This time around the AR Workout app — Coachy — has added support for the new feature to help with group workouts, as highlighted by a report.

Update 50 (December 27)

01:06 pm (IST): Reality Tasks is a task and project management app for teams and individuals. Now, reports have it that this app takes advantage of SharePlay.

Update 51 (December 28)

04:39 pm (IST): In case you’re one of the few (1, 2) wondering why SharePlay isn’t working with your headphones from Sony or other brands excluding Apple and Beats headphones, then you might be disappointed to know that this isn’t a bug, rather an intentional decision by the company.

While Apple’s official SharePlay notes do not have any mention of the limitation, some have pointed out that they were allegedly informed about this by Apple support personally.

Just spoken to a guy on Support who also confirm audio share and shareplay is ONLY supported with apple products, even if other brands have it they wont support any issues with other brands. (Source)

Update 52 (January 1)

06:05 pm (IST): Navi, the app that adds subtitles and Live Translation to your FaceTime calls through SharePlay is now available on the App Store for free. We previously highlighted that the app was in the pipeline according to the developer.

Update 53 (April 5)

04:36 pm (IST): Hulu has now added SharePlay support for iPhones and iPads. This means that owners of these devices can now share content with others via FaceTime.

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