[Updated] Pokémon Team GO Rocket balloons not appearing or spawning issue gets acknowledged, official workaround inside

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Released in 2016, Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality based video game that has grown into a phenomenon in the last few years.

Unlike the majority of mobile games, Pokemon Go encourages players to go out in the real world and visit different locations so they can catch different types of Pokemons.


Having said that, Pokemon Go also features Team Go Rocket Balloons that can be spotted floating above trainers. They feature a member of Team GO Rocket with players having the option to challenge them to a Trainee battle.

These balloons are visible on the map for a limited amount of time and can be spotted throughout the week. However, Team GO Rocket Balloons can only be spotted if you have a Rocket Radar equipped.

But now several Pokemon Go players are reporting (1,2,3,4,5) that the Team GO Rocket Balloons are not appearing or spawning for them.

With some saying that it’s been a month since the last balloon appeared, players are frustrated and wondering how they can see them again.


It’s been over 1 month since I’ve had rocket balloons and raid invites
What can be done about this bug that basically stops rocket balloons, raid invites, and the daily spawn from happening? I’ve tried everything that’s been suggested, but to be honest gameplay isn’t as fun when I’ve struggled to battle any of the bosses, and unable to even try and get a shiny kyurem. Edited to add: yes my time is automatic, I’ve refreshed the game data, toggled all the settings, and also opened all my gifts as they advise. I’ve cleared cache, reinstalled, the lot.

Bug Report: Rocket Balloon isn’t spawning and neither is my daily pokemon
I’ve tried restarting my game to no avail. I’ve had issues like this before where restarting shows my daily Pokémon but it isn’t happening anymore, I’ve also read from previous bug reports that apparently drifting is the cause and that I might be out of range from the spawn. I do drift where I live but no where near enough for me to not be able to see the Pokémon anyway and when I logged in my character was in the same position I currently was.

Fortunately, Niantic Support has acknowledged the issue where Pokemon Go players are unable to see Team GO Rocket Balloons a month after some players said they were having a problem.

Hello Bindy! We’re investigating an issue where Team GO Rocket balloons may not appear for some Trainers. Opening all Gifts you’ve received may resolve the issue in the meantime. Stay tuned here for more news: http://bit.ly/3nVRX9h Thanks for your understanding! ^TA

They also shared a workaround that suggests opening all gifts players have received. But there is no ETA on when it will be fixed.

Another user said that opening the game with GPS off and turning it on after getting the no GPS warning fixed the issue for them.

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As always, we will let you know once Niantic fixes the issue so stay tuned for updates.

Update 1 (April 02)

11:16 am (IST): Users are still reporting (1, 2) the issue where Rocket balloons are not appearing. Moreover, support has once again acknowledged the bug and said they are investigating it.

Update 2 (April 05)

03:15 pm (IST): Niantic support on its official issue tracker has confirmed that a fix for the issue where Team GO Rocket balloons not appearing will be included in the upcoming update.

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