Rainbow Six Siege absurd queue times or takes long to load into game on PS5, issue acknowledged (workaround inside)

Rainbow Six Siege is a popular tactical FPS set in the universe of American writer Tom Clancy, which is mainly based on espionage and military intelligence.

There are three main online game modes in Rainbow Six Siege: ‘Defuse the Bomb’, ‘Capture the Target’, and ‘Hostage Protection’. All of these modes are well known among fans of tactical FPS games.

However, currently many Rainbow Six Siege players are facing very long queue times before entering a match (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

Rainbow Six Siege absurd queue times to load into matches

According to multiple reports, the Rainbow Six Siege queue times to enter a match are absurdly long (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).


In the luckiest cases, players will have to wait ‘only’ around 2 minutes to access a game.

Queue times

Ubi needs to fix the queue times not just me but everyone I know it’s been taking atleast a minute to get into a game and before this season it might take 20 seconds max I’m tired of it considering I’ve been trying to get into a game for the last hour and have only gotten into one.

Why is it taking so long to load into a game?

When I queue up for quick match, it takes me at least 2 minutes to load into a game. Also, im only being matched up with people ive played with in previous games. Any clue whats going on?

However, in many other cases, the Rainbow Six Siege queue time can range from half an hour to around 3 hours.


Absurd queue times on Xbox

I’ve been waiting around 30 minutes to find a quick match game. I know it’s midday on a weekday but surely I should of found 1 by now. Any tips to speed it up?

Why can’t I play R6 solo?

Whenever I try to queue up I’ll be waiting in the lobby for up to a half an hour and still won’t get put into a game. Do I need to be in a party to just play the basic mode?

Some players receiving abandonment penalties due to the issue

It’s worth pointing out that this issue leads to another that may be even more severe. Apparently long waiting times sometimes end with an unfair abandonment penalty.


Ubisoft is aware, potential workaround for PS5

The Ubisoft team is already aware of the issue in question. However, they do not offer details about the arrival of a possible fix in the future.

At the moment, the company only offers a workaround for PS5 players which basically consists of matchmaking through the ‘Play’ in-game menu.

Heads up: if you’re running into any issues queuing up for Headshot on PS5, you can matchmake through the Play menu in-game as a workaround. 🔨

We will update this story once new events related to the matter arise.

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