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Developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, Warzone is one of the most popular installments in the decades-old franchise. Part of 2019 COD: Modern Warfare, Warzone is a free-to-play Battle Royale game.

It features several multiplayer game modes such as Rebirth: Resurgence, Buy Back, and Plunder amongst others. While the gunplay and gameplay mechanics are solid, the game is termed as a bugfest by many.


Having said that, players recently complained about issues such as inconsistent map pins near Redeploy Balloons and issues with Polina ‘Cloaked for Combat’ and Astrakhan skins.

Warzone parachute glitch

And now, a parachute glitch has surfaced in Warzone where some operators are slower compared to others. If you glide forward and have 10.4 speed, your operator will hit the ground faster compared to those with 6.6 speed.

The issue seems to have surfaced because Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare operators seem to use the old parachuting mechanic whereas Vanguard operators use the new one.


Tested this Reddit Post Claims. Looks like some operators have the older gliding system. VG Operators work properly, but CW and MW Operators are inconsistent. If you glide forward and it says 10.4 SPEED, it is the old way, it should say 6.6 SPEED. @RavenSoftware

So this could be the reason a friend of mine cannot open his parachute from low jumps? His parachute is still opening from the original heights, like it used to before they changed it. He has literally died in peak multiple times when gas pushed us down because he couldn’t open the parachute from places the rest of us easily could.

Fortunately, Raven Software has acknowledged the Warzone parachute glitch where some operators are slower than others and said they are investigating the problem.

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Warzone players unable to cut or pull chute

Apart from the aforementioned bug, some Warzone players are saying (1,2,3,4,5) they are unable to cut or pull the chute.

The issue seems to be affecting players randomly. Many say they are unable to jump reliably off a spot because of this.


Playing recently, the last couple of days it seems myself and some friends are no longer able to pull parachutes as frequently as we were able to before. The strangest thing is that it’s not all of us, and is only affecting certain players. I was mentioning I had felt this way recently and one of my teammates agreed, and the other did not feel the same. We tested all jumping off of the same spot and 2 of us were not able to pull chutes while the 1 teammate was.

You can open the parachute just about anywhere now, which is awesome! But my friend has an issue, his parachute still works (or opening it) the same way it did before chute buff. For days I thought he was trolling us when he said he cannot open chute like we do. Yesterday I spectated him and asked him to open his parachute from spots that me and my friends are able to after patch, but he literally can not open it unless he jumps from higher ground. Anyone else have this issue?

Unfortunately, Raven Software is yet to say anything on the matter. Rest assured, we will be updating this space when the bugs are fixed so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb. In the meantime, make sure you check out our COD bug tracker to see similar issues.

Update 1 (April 02)

03:47 pm (IST): Raven Software has confirmed via its official Trello board that this issue has now been resolved.

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