Far Cry 6 is the latest installment in the long running open world Far Cry franchise. Released in 2021, the FPS title is developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft.

Set in the finctional island of Yara, the game puts the player in the shoes of a group of guerilla fighters who are trying to overthrow the dictator.


But in the last few months, players have complained about issues such as Dani not singing or humming and some getting stuck in dog cage and unable to escape.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Far Cry 6 players are now reporting (1,2,3,4,5) that they are getting stuck in Sergio’s office during the Surgical Extraction mission.

Many say they are not seeing any waypoint when trying to complete the mission. With some reports dating back six months, it looks like the problem has been affecting Far Cry 6 for a while now.

Common troubleshooting steps such as verifying game files and reinstalling the game do not help either. Below are some reports from Far Cry 6 players who are unable to complete the Surgical Extraction mission.


Hello, hoping this can be fixed as I have a lot of hours already invested and have hit a wall with a game breaking bug on the mission Surgical Extraction. I am being asked to find medicine at a checkpoint to take to the doctor, but when I track the mission I get no waypoint. After getting frustrated I turned to Google and found the three checkpoints that should have the medicine myself and after clearing them I still have nothing. So as of now the game is giving me zero direction and I can not advance the story without completing this mission.

I am at the surgical extraction mission and I have tried to interact with the answering machine, but it is not interacting and the stupid piece of paper is in the way. I tried 10 different ways, including turning off the game and loading a previous saved game, but nothing is working and I cannot complete the game because of this simple action I cannot do. I have read plenty of other forums and you guys have not addressed this issue yet? and please don’t ask to upload anything because you I read enough that a lot of other players are having the exact same issue.

The issue was acknowledged by Ubisoft Support back in January with the developers saying they would fix in a future update. But as it turns out, the Far Cry 6 Surgical Extraction mission bug is still under investigation.

We see that now, apologies for the confusion. The team is aware of this issue and working on a fix that will be implemented in a future update. Please keep an eye on this page for news on that.

Once again, they did not share any timeframe on when it will be fixed. We hope Ubisoft soon finds out the root cause of the issue and fix it in the coming days.

If and when they do, we will be updating this space to reflect the same so make sure you stay tuned.

Note: We have more such stories in our dedicated Ubisoft Section so be sure to follow them as well.

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