Google Groups emails from BT & Earthlink addresses not getting delivered to members, issue being looked into

Written in Java, Google started the Google Groups service in February of 2001. In case you are unaware, it is a platform where people with common interests can join discussion groups.

However, as is the case with every online service, users have complained about getting ‘nmbr-lds-‘ spam messages and being unable to leave groups they didn’t ask to join in the first place.


And now, Google Groups users are reporting (1,2,3) that they are unable to send emails from BT and Earthlink email addresses. While members are not getting emails, they do appear as posts on the Google Groups page.

Also, the web interface seems to be working just fine. Many say that sending emails via Google Groups has become unreliable now even though it is showing as approved.

Some say they tried following steps on the linked Reference Help Page but to no avail. Here are some reports from Google Groups users who are unable to send emails from BT and Earthlink addresses.


Why have my posts sent in from my btinternet email address suddenly stopped going out to members? As group manager I’ve been posting to my Google group from my btinternet address with no problems for years, but yesterday they stopped going out to members, even though they appear as posts on the Google Groups page. If I send the same post from my gmail address they go out. Why is this happening? Help please.

Earthlink user can post to Google Groups, but the posts do not send email to members. I’m managing some related Google Groups (free service). One of our members uses an email address. Only recently, when that user posts to any of these GGs, the post goes to the online conversation archive, but does not generate emails to other members. This is happening only for this one user. I cannot find any settings that would effect this sort of inconsistent behavior. Looking for clues or a solution. Thanks.

Fortunately, a Gold Product Expert has commented on the matter and said that the Google Groups Team is looking into the issue where emails from BT and Earthlink addresses are not getting delivered.

These issues with the BT and Earthlink emails is being Look into by the Google Groups Team.

We hope Google soon finds out the root cause of the issue and fixes the problem in the coming days. If and when they do, we will update this space to reflect the same so make sure you stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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