Yeelight (YLTD003) Monitor Light Bar Pro review from Hekka: A must-have for your desk setup

If you’re looking to build a desk setup or are on the lookout for new accessories to add to your setup to make life easier, then purchasing a monitor or screen light bar should be a top priority.

Many of us easily spend several hours a day staring into our monitors and this inevitably leads to eye strains and possibly other issues down the road.

Therefore, having a good monitor light bar added to your workspace or gaming setup will be a wise investment. And that’s where the Yeelight YLTD003 Monitor Light Bar Pro from Xiaomi comes in.

Yeelight (YLTD003) Monitor Light Bar Pro features

This monitor light bar is the best fit for a PC/Game desk setup. While it may look like any normal screen light bar, the Yeelight (YLTD003) Monitor Light Bar Pro packs a bunch of nifty and useful features.

It comes with a flexible wireless Rotary Switch Knob and can also be configured via the ‘Mijia’ or ‘Yeelight’ application using Wi-Fi. Thus, you can control the light bar without fiddling with the light bar itself.


If you want to go hands-free, that’s possible too as the device supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Not only that but the Yeelight can also be integrated with Razer Chroma and OverWolf which in turn allows you to play around with different RBG modes where you can tweak with the visualization and more.

Talking about RGB, the Yeelight (YLTD003) Monitor Light Bar Pro RBG backlight sports 16 million colors. Therefore, you can fine-tune the colors to your liking with ease.


As for the main light, you can choose a color temperature between 2700 – 6500K and can also adjust the brightness levels. This ensures that the light bar can adapt to any lighting environment.

Build quality and usability

The Yeelight (YLTD003) Monitor Light Bar Pro is easily one of the better-built screen light bars on the market. Thanks to its metal housing, not only does it feel premium, but it’s also sturdy and won’t bend easily.

You get a magnetic mount in the box that allows you to securely place the monitor light bar on both flat and curved monitors.

With the included mount, you can easily adjust the monitor light bar’s angle to the perfect angle to avoid any glare or reflections on the screen.


One of the primary functions of a monitor light bar is to reduce eye strain by lighting up the area surrounding your monitor appropriately. And of course, this light bar does just that.

As we mentioned below, there are a host of different ways you can control and customize the lighting on the monitor light bar which greatly enhances the usability of the device. However, third-party apps can be finicky at times.

The screen bar does offer an immersive gaming experience thanks to the configurable RBG backlighting and the main glare-free monitor light also makes it a great fit for the office.

So no matter what you’re doing, the Yeelight (YLTD003) Monitor Light Bar Pro is a handy desk accessory that’s worth its price.

Pricing and availability

Speaking of its price, the Yeelight YLTD003 computer monitor light is currently available for just $99.99 on Hekka.

But there’s more. You could use the code ‘piunikaweb10’ to get an additional $10 off on orders over $29.99 at


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