Valorant players report 'long queue times' persist after 4.05 update

Developed by Riot Games, Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical FPS released in mid-2020.

Valorant challenges players to confrontations in teams of 5 vs 5 where correctly using the abilities of each character is a key aspect to be victorious.

However, Valorant players have been facing long queue times before accessing matches for a while now. A recent update allegedly mitigated the issue according to the developers, but related reports keep coming up.

Valorant players facing a ‘long queue times’ issue

Valorant long queue times result in situations like characters getting stuck on the loading screen or getting kicked out when waiting to access matches (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).


@PlayVALORANT 3 competitive match , and I am stuck on loading screen and not able to pick my character! which results in unwanted queue dodge. What to do ? please help ! please FIX …. my network is also great and ping is 38

Bro pls fix the problem when i lag and it says that i left the queue 😕

The issue seems to be related to the game servers, as long waiting and loading times continue even if you install the game on an SSD instead of a slower HDD.

I have a HDD that has most of my games including League of Legends and Valorant, but I want to move my Valorant install to my SSD since it takes me a long time to load into operator selection and sometimes I get timed out and I get kicked and almost get a queue timer. Is there a way for me to have Valorant installed on the SSD and keep League on the HDD, or do I need to have them all together?


Long queue times causing unfair penalties

Players receiving kicks during queues due to the issue are reportedly receiving warnings, and even unfair penalties. Apparently, the game interprets the situation as the player abandoning the game.


@PlayVALORANT I’ve got a 7 day penalty for ranked queues after today’s update for unknown reasons. I don’t usually go AFK, and the past week we’ve been having power cuts all across the country(Sri Lanka), which may have affected few of my games. Please see what can be done. Ty!

The Riot Games team is aware of the Valorant ‘long queue times’ issue. They even made changes in the most recent 4.05 patch in order to improve the situation.

As part of 4.05, we’re testing some slight changes in NA intended to improve queue times, specifically targeted at reducing the severe wait for the most impacted groups—high MMR 5-stacks. Grab your friends (the good ones) so you can help us see how the changes perform!

However, the reports on the issue continue to arise to this day, so the long queues and problems related to them are still present.

There is no new official acknowledgment on the issue from the developers yet. We will update this story as events unfold.

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