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Even though Call of Duty Warzone enjoys popularity among the players, the game has often been a topic of discussion because of the ongoing glitches and issues.

The game bumped into an annoying bug that throws “Dev error 5573” which is still awaiting a fix. There are plenty more that makes gameplay irksome.


Add one more to the list as this time we aren’t sure what the bug is about, but in order to address it in its early stage, Raven software has taken certain steps.

The official support came forward to reveal that the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade has been removed from the Supply Boxes and ground loots.

According to them, this has been done to avoid an ongoing bug of which the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade is the root cause.


Those who play the game already know what a delight it is to have a tool like this that can protect the player from incoming fires and act as a gun mount for accurate shots.

There are plenty of more uses like breaking into the enemy’s stronghold without getting the player injured, all of which, unfortunately, will no longer be available at least for now.

Good thing is that this has been taken down only due to the sprouting of the bug. Once addressed, the tool will make its appearance once again.

The next bug is to do with the under the map glitch that has been doing rounds in Warzone for some time now.


This glitch allows players in Warzone to still be alive when fallen under the map at Stadium and Airport and kill other players without them knowing it.

Although it’s a bug, it has been exploited by some players to increase the kill count by going invisible in areas that are normally inaccessible.

While it may bring joy to many, some users still want to play with ethics. Game developers really need to look into this before it spoils the fair game.

Well, the developers were quick to identify and release fixes to deal with this glitch. The official Trello reveals the status of the issue.

First round of fixes was released on April 28th.

Second round of fixes was released on May 7th.

Third round of fixes is lined up for an upcoming patch.


This makes it clear that this glitch will no longer be unethically used to exploit gameplay for others.


We hope ongoing issues like these and many out there soon be addressed. That said, we will continue to track the developments here and report as and when more information comes out.

Update 1 (May 29, 2021)

IST 03:55 pm In a new patch released by Raven Software, the map issue where players were unethically taking advantage of the glitch has been fixed. Here’s what the changelog reads.

– Fixed additional map locations in Verdansk that allowed players to reach out-of-bounds areas.
– Fixed additional collision issues with various elements across Verdansk allowing players to exploit/peek/shoot through them. (Source)

Update 2 (March 24, 2022)

04:12 pm (IST): COD: Warzone players are getting a new patch with bug fixes and improvements. This patch also includes a fix for the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade issue.

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