The Crew 2 server disconnection issues persist after attempted fix, confirms Ubisoft

In a time when shooting games and Battle Royale have taken over the gaming industry by storm, The Crew 2 is one of the few games that dared to do something different. The open-world racing game lets players cruise through the USA using boats, cars, and even planes.

Released in 2018, the game is developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft. Compared to its predecessor, The Crew 2 features a nonlinear storyline that players can complete in any order.


That being said, players have reported issues such as the game crashing after customizing the Porsche 550 Spyder and Low Poly Golden Smoke disappearing or missing from inventory.

And according to recent reports from The Crew 2 players, it looks like the server disconnection issue still persists. The problem surfaced a few days ago with players saying that they were getting disconnected frequently.

Some said that they were getting ‘Error code 3_c4fa433c_353’ whenever they got disconnected.

And almost a week after players complained about the issue, the developers said on Twitter that they were working to resolve the problem via scheduled server maintenance.


Below are some reports from The Crew 2 players affected by the server disconnection issue.

Hello all ! I did try to play the game again, and I have an error. Disconnected from The crew 2 servers Error code 3_c4fa433c_353 Search over internet, search on forums (this one included), no results about this error code. I also complete troubleshooting steps that I found here:
My PC runs with Win10, nvidia RTX2080, all the updates. Thank you !

I am having the same problem. I haven’t played the Crew 2 in years, but reinstalled it after watching a video about it. I am unable to connect on PS5 and every time I attempt I get the same issue with the same error code as the OP. I have been trying to log in for several days and every time I get this error message. In addition my PS5 works fine for every other multiplayer game and my internet connection is fantastic, so I am convinced it is not a problem on my end.

Unfortunately, after the servers came back up, players started reporting once again that the issue was not resolved. Thankfully, Ubisoft Support commented on the matter and said that they had difficulty deploying the fix.

While they said that they were working on it, there is no ETA on when the issue will be fixed.

Hey guys, thanks for your input and sorry to those who are affected by this. As it stands, I can confirm that our team has been facing difficulties with deploying the fix today due to unforeseen circumstances. I am afraid I would not be able to provide you with ETA at this moment in time, however I can assure you that this is the matter that is being worked on. Apologies about any inconvenience this may cause and if you have any further queries, let us know!

We hope Ubisoft soon fixes the server disconnection issue so The Crew 2 players can play the game once again. If and when they do, we will be updating space to let you know so make sure you stay tuned.

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Featured image source: Ubisoft

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