New World player's demand to remove Orbs from game may be met in future, confirms support

Amazon Games launched New World in September 2021 as a new open world MMO where you can travel through extensive regions full of challenges, weapons, enemies, raids and more.

In New World you will also be able to access dungeons (called ‘Expeditions’ in the game). However, you will need to farm Orbs for that.

Apparently, the farming Orbs system to access dungeons has many players upset. So, they demand developers to modify or update the way to get Orbs in New World (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

New World player’s demand to remove Orbs from game

Requiring Orbs to access New World dungeons is frustrating many as they take too long to farm. Not all players have the time available to farm Orbs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).


So, many New World players demand the developers to remove the mandatory Orb system to access dungeons.

Can we just remove orbs from dungeons and maybe add a match making for solos to get in them

just hard to get orbs and i like to grind the dungeons id prefer to just go do them now have to grind an orb to do it its like a 30min event for alot of grind to get a key please make orbs a drop from portals or remove them or some hybrid solution thank you.

Some players suggest a modification to the system. Basically, things would be better for many if the game offers tools to facilitate Orb trading between players.

Remove orb crafting CD

Remove orbs BoP. People sell their orbs slot anyway, you should already be aware of that. Just incorporate those orbs in the AH so that people might want to farm/craft orbs to make a profit. Those making money elsewhere might want to buy those orbs to actually play the game and not be gated by ridiculous shard cost to even reach 600. Some people doesn’t want/ doesn’t have the time/patience to reach 200 stonecutting.

A constant request for months

It’s worth pointing out that this demand is not exactly new. There have been reports related to the issue for months, as the screenshot below shows.


The difficulty of obtaining Orbs in New World also increases the danger of being ‘scammed’. To access a dungeon, a team must have at least one player with an Orb in their inventory.

However, according to reports, some groups try to cheat players who have Orbs, inviting them to the group just to access the dungeon and then kicking them from the group.

AGS Must remove tuning orbs from the game.

Tuning orbs are ruining the game. They make doing dungeons almost impossible while in the one instance where you do get an orb you risk EVERYTHING just to use it, let me explain.

When using an orb especially one for Lazarus there is an extremely high chance you will get kicked from the group after entering to have your “teammates” jack your orb and invite their buddy in instead. The only way to make sure this doesn’t happen is inviting people you know. This leads me to why I’m posting this and angry.

Amazon Games considering removing Orbs from New World

That said, Amazon Games is finally considering a future without Orbs in New World. However, players will have to wait a while for more details to emerge on the matter.


We will update this story as events unfold.

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