[Updated] Lost Ark Nineveh Rapport quest 'Aura of Chaos' bug (unable to enter Sanctum of Mist) flagged for fix, confirms community manager

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Lost Ark is a 2.5D MMORPG that quickly went viral hours within its launch. Developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG, the title is published by Smilegate in Korea and Amazon Games worldwide.

The cost of development associated with the game amounts somewhere to around $85.4 million. Lost Ark involves players exploring the open-world and complete quests, hunting and crafting amongst other things.


A few weeks ago, players complained about matchmaking issues and micro-stutters, FPS drops and performance issues making the game completely unplayable.

Having said that, Lost Ark players are now saying (1,2,3,4,5) that the Nineveh Rapport quest ‘Aura of Chaos’ is bugged. Many say they are unable to enter the Sanctum of Mist.

This is preventing them from progressing and completing the quest since it just shows the question mark and nothing happens when they step over it.

Here are some reports from Lost Ark players who are unable to complete the Nineveh Rapport quest ‘Aura of Chaos’.


After finding the quest area entrance at Foggy Ridge for Nineveh’s rapport quest “Aura Of Chaos”, the quest area does not allow the player to enter. There should be a menu allowing the player to enter the quest area for this rapport quest, but none appears when the player walks over to the entrance. This means no player can’t advance Nineveh’s rapport any further until this bug is fixed.

As stated in the title the first quest you recieve from Nineveh [Aura of Chaos] leads you to the island Foggy Ridge, upon arriving you are directed to a purple marker at the top of the map. Unless I am missing something major going to the marker doesn’t activate a scenario like the markers usually do in other maps and is blank with no interaction.

With some reports dating back a few weeks, many were frustrated and wondering how they could complete the quest.

Thankfully, Lost Ark developers have acknowledged the bug with Nineveh Rapport quest ‘Aura of Chaos’ and said they have flagged the issue to the development team for a fix. However, they did not share any timeframe on when the mission will be playable.

Thank you, this bug has been flagged for a fix with the team

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Update 1 (March 19)

05:57 pm (IST): The issue where many players were unable to access the Nineveh Rapport quest ‘Aura of Chaos’ has been resolved in the latest game update.


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